Friday, November 14, 2014

Budget Challenge: The Wolves of Fenris - Bran Redmaw

What's up everyone?  With +Evan S announcing the Budget Challenge that we are taking on, I spent many hours looking into what part of a new army, or additional army, I wanted to work on.  I started to look at my two armies that I have, Space Wolves and Iron Hands, and laid out the pros and cons of what I would do with each list.  After a lot of thought, soul searching, and talking to the rest of the Grey Tide, I decided to keep with my Space Wolves and tack on another Wolf Lord.  I have Logan, Ragnar, Krom, and Harald, but I wanted to go with a company that always had a special place in my mind.  So for the Budget Challenge, I am going to start building my Bran Redmaw Army, The Bloodied Hunter.

The first step for me was to actually create an army list so that I can begin to build our Budget Challenge.  I knew that I wanted to continue pulling together the members of the Rout, and I wanted them to have a flair that would define their Great Company.

The List I have come up with has two variations:  One where Forge World is allowed and One where Forge World is not allowed.  The two are similar but not the exact same.  The list below is the Forge World one so I can bring the Redmaw to the field.

Response Force Redmaw of the Rout: Using the Wolves Unleashed Detachment

HQ:  590 pts.

Bran Redmaw - (FW model) 210 pts.  (Standard wargear, Redmaw Special)

Wolf Guard Battle Leader - Ivan Scarredson - The Wulfen Stone, Armour of Russ, Black Death - 150 pts.

Rune Priest - Thorgard Thunderhead - ML 2, Psychic Hood, Runic Armour, Rune Sword, 120 pts.

Wolf Priest - Ranier Icestalker - Standard 110 pts.

Troops: 907 pts.

Grey Hunter Pack Ironhealm:  5 Grey Hunters, 5 Chainswords, 1 Flamer, Wolf Guard Pack Leader (Æsier Ironhealm) Bolt Pistol, Power Sword, Melta Bombs, Transport:  Stormwolf (Bolt of Russ) Skyhammer Missile

Grey Hunter Pack Two Eye:  5 Grey Hunters, 5 Chainswords, 1 Flamer, Wolf Guard Pack Leader (Jundor Two Eye) Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs, Power Maul, Transport:  Stormwolf (Anger of Asaheim) Twin Linked Multimeltas

Grey Hunter Pack Hellscream:  5 Grey Hunters, 5 Chainswords, Wolf Guard Pack Leader (Uldar Hellscream) Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs, Power Sword, Transport:  Razorback (Hand of the Jarl) Twin Linked Lascannon

As you can see, a very subdued list with only HQ and Troop choices.  Bran will be my Warlord, when he is on the ground, but as you can see.  We have some very cool support units with them.  The fluff behind this army is that this is a Reactionary Tactical Insertion Force (RTIF) that is hoping to get to the heart of the mission, fast and with little loss of life or supply.

Look for the Fluff behind how the Redmaw ended up in this crazy mission later.

Until Next Winter.......

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