Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Guest Post: Hobby Budget Challenge - Tom's Tyranids

Today we have a guest post from my buddy, Tom, who is joining us for the FTGT Hobby Budget Challenge and starting a Tyranid army. 

Here's Tom:
When I saw the budget challenge I knew this was my chance to start a new army without hearing an ear full from my better half.  Being married to a woman with an MBA, who accounts for every dime I spend on my hobby, it is much easier to talk to about starting a new army when she hears the word “budget.”

Knowing that my time as a doctoral student to both play and paint are limited, I wanted to build a competitive list where I would get the most “bang for my buck.”  I’ve dabbled in other armies but most fizzle out because what my desire to paint often outweighs my desire to play.  I enjoy painting large models with unique color schemes and, with this is mind, decided that a new Tyranid army was in order.
When I was looking at all the various armies that GW puts out, along with all the box sets offered I decided there was no better deal than the Wrath of the Hive Mind. Containing a Hive Tyrant, Tervigon, 3 Tyranid warriors and 20 Termagaunts, an individual retail value $221 for only $165 was the ideal way to start off.  Not only saving money but also jump starting a new army in grand fashion.  Since I will have the most of December off, being in between semesters, I felt that if I didn’t use my double up month early I might not get the chance to paint everything before it was time to make my next month’s purchase.

While the Wrath of the Hive Mind was being ordered I took the chance to look at what competitive Nid lists looked like, setting the layout for the rest of my budget and army.  I see the potential in running a Skyblight Swarm, and wanted to base the rest of my purchases around this formation.  Looking at the dataslate I knew I needed 3 Harpy/Crone kits and 30 Gargoyles, having the Flyrant and Tyranid Prime accounted for in my first months purchase.  With the destruction of a gargoyle unit coming back on a 4+ I felt that I needed to capitalize, not only on the model count boost, but also on the budgeting of such a formation.

These additions added up to $327, adding to my $165 gave me a total of $492.  Like the final piece of a puzzle I realized that I could add another box of termagaunts for $29, not only giving me an under-budget total cost of $521 but also now making my tervigon a troops choice, since I will have a least 30 termagaunts, 32 to be exact.  It’s like the stars aligned and my destiny to lead this army was solidified, with some careful accounting, and the approval of my wife. December 1st can’t get here soon enough!

Thanks to Tom for sharing his plan. For anyone else joining in on the challenge who wants to share their plan, monthly purchases, or updates on the blog, shoot me a message on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or through my email. 

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