Friday, September 26, 2014

White Dwarf 35: The Dark Kin Rise

It's been a few weeks, but I'm back with our White Dwarf first look. This week is the second week of the releases for Dark Eldar, and includes the codex (and special editions).

This week's releases include the Dark Eldar codex and two special editions, the featured Voidraven Bomber, two new combination kits of a Raider and either Wyches or Warriors, Dark Eldar Datacards, and a Dark Eldar Painting Guide.

One interesting note for me was that the datacards include Combat Drugs and not Power from Pain results, which is what I would have guessed. From the short blurbs, it sounds like Power from Pain is still in the codex, and possibly even more potent than before.

This week's White Dwarf includes a sizeable battle report between Dark Eldar and Astra Militarum. In the battle report, a mention is made of Power from Pain which makes it sound like the effects are army-wide, with bonuses to units near Haemonculi or Urien Rakarth.

Paint splatter shows some of how the GW team painted their edge-lined Dark eldar, as well as the bronze weapons, silvered metal, and the Wraithbone voidmine. There are also a couple that show how parts of the Realm of Battle boards to create some interest.

Next up is the Designer's Notes on the new Voidraven. I really like the profile, particularly the nose, which is pointed out as intentionally being very beak-like.

The remainder of this issue includes some of the regular single page blips and blurbs, though one is a pretty cool exocrine conversion, where the gun is emerging from a Haruspex-based mouth. There's also a quick, somewhat humerous look at some Dark Eldar weaponry.

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