Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1k Tournament Bat Reps: Transcendent C'Tan Shenanigans

My local store's 1k Tournament was last Sunday, and I decided to attend last second. The store is very hands off in terms of Army List rules. I clarified once I got there, but there are no restrictions, Unbound and Lords of War are completely allowed. With that in mind, I decided to be goofy and run my Transcendent C'Tan in a 1,000 point list. I did make it a bound list, though. I also brought a normal 1,000 point Necron army in case there were objections to me bringing such a ridiculous list.

My entire army, 12 models

Round 1 I was matched up against Tom, who brought fewer models than I had! His army was 5 Terminators with Storm Shields and Thunderhammers, alongside 2 Knight Paladins. The mission was Purge the Alien, so deployment was simple and we were done in about a minute, I had my 10 warriors and Overlord in reserve. I stole the initiative and slid the C'Tan forward, doing 2HP to the Knight on the right. 

In the bottom of the turn, shooting did nothing. I pointed out that the Knight could attempt a charge. Tom promptly made the 10" charge. I rolled pretty poorly and only did 2 additional HPs. Tom then rolled up a 6 on one of his hits, killing the C'Tan just like that, and I was tabled. We laughed, added up the totals, and looked around, seeing the other games hadn't even started yet. 

Since we had plenty of time, we decided to roll it back and play as if the Knight did not make the 10" charge. Turn 2 my Overlord and one unit of Warriors walked on my board edge and shuffled up behind a hill. Meanwhile, the C'Tan did a D-slide over the Knight, and then Wave of Withering, doing a couple more hullpoints. 

In the bottom of the turn, the knight on my left fired a couple shots at the Warriors and killed one. Meanwhile, the knight and Terminators charged the C'Tan. This time my dice were better and the C'Tan killed the Knight before it could swing. The explosion deviated slightly, and took a terminator with it and did a wound to the C'Tan. The terminators failed to wound the C'Tan, who then stomped and removed 3 from play.

In my turn, the second warrior squad stayed off the board and we went straight to combat, where the C'Tan promptly killed the remaining Terminators. In the bottom of the turn the battle cannon scattered off the warriors in the back. Turn 4 was brief, with the C'Tan doing several hullpoints in shooting and then charging and finishing off the last Knight.

After 30 minutes, we had played two games to conclusion, and had a blast. I really like playing against Knights - games are quick, fun, and entertaining. I was also really glad my first opponent had a chance to kill the C'Tan - it wouldn't have been very fun if my opponent had no answer to that Cheesemonger.

Game 2 was the Relic and I was paired against Jay, who was the only other player with tools to take on the C'Tan. He had Loth, a Librarian, and 3 Grav-Centurions, along with two tac squads in Drop Pods and a Sicaran FW tank.

Jay deployed first, sticking to his right flank. I had rolled up the Infiltrate warlord trait, so I deployed my C'Tan off to the left behind a big LOS blocker and outflanked the rest of my army. In his first turn, Jay cast Invisibility on the Centurions and moved the tank up the board edge. He also dropped a pod near the Relic and moved a Tac Squad onto it.

In my turn, the C'Tan did his D-Slide on the guy holding the relic, rolling a 1. Then with his two shooting attacks he killed all 10 marines and did 2 hullpoints on the drop pod.

Turn 2 started with Marines dropping into my backfield. The Centurions were Invisible again, and fired on the C'Tan. I failed 5 invulnerable saves out of I think 7, then made up for it by making 4 Feel No Pain rolls.

In my turn 2, both my units of warriors arrived on my left flank, far away from the action, and hid behind LOS blockers. The C'Tan jumped over next to the Sicaran and blew it up with a Wave of Withering. He then dropped his Apocalyptic Blast on the drop pod in my backfield, blowing it up and taking a couple Marines with it.

In turn 3 the Centurions again were invis'd and then fired on the C'Tan, who survived with a single wound remaining. In my turn I walked him over and attempted a 7" charge on the Centurions, which he failed.

Turn 4 saw the Invisible Centurions kill the C'Tan, who exploded, killing Loth, the Librarian, and a Centurion, along with the remaining drop pod.

The remainder of the game was a sprint for the relic. The game continued to turn 6, which saw the Tac squad run just 1" when they needed 2" to secure the relic. The game again continued to turn 7, where the marines grabbed the relic. The Overlord and remaining Warrior squad managed a decently long charge and then contested the relic (it counts as a moveable objective in 7th). So in the end, I won 2-0 on First Blood and Slay the Warlord.

There was an odd number of players, so I volunteered to take the third round as a bye, and headed out. I had a blast playing with my tiny, quick army. In the second game, despite going 7 turns, we wrapped up in under 40 minutes. I was also glad, again, that I played the two players there who could really handle the C'Tan; the other 4 armies present would have been powerless against him, and it really would have been a less than enjoyable game for both of us.

That said, in a game where the opponent can make sure to have an answer, he's a lot of fun to play with. Unfortunately, only D weapons and Grav guns are really remotely an answer for the C'Tan, so not accessible to all armies without Come the Apocalypse allies just for Centurions.

I had a lot of fun, so thanks to Tom and Jay for the games.

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