Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dr. Wolflove, or How I learned to Stop Complaining and Add More Wolves

What's up everyone?  So on the upcoming podcast, Evan has been pushing me to run more Wolves, specifically Thunderwolves.  I love the idea, but I have found myself wandering back and forth from wanting to add in more Thunderwolves while also filling my need to have an army that is to my style of strong variety.  Recently though, I have started to think about what Evan has said.....I need to add in more Thunderwolves; Wolves on Wolves with Wolves.

Well I have started to convert, I have given in to the pressure, and I have started to think of adding in more strength 10 (or 9 depending on your interpretations) Wolves.

And here is why..........
When I started in 5th Edition, I loved the idea of the wolves.  Reading through the book and fluff, I started to think about how cool the Thunderwolves would be.  The pictures were awesome, the story behind them was even better, and I loved some of the cool lists that could happen.  When the Thunderwolves came out, I immediately bought a Thunderwolf pack and Thunderwolf Lord.  I started to try to paint them up investing in what the Wolf would look like, how it could look real, and what the cybernetics would look like.

Yet with the changes to 6th edition, the Thunderwolves went to the back burner.  Thats where they sat until the 7th edition Wolves dropped.  Once the Wolves came back, I started to think of playing my Thunderwolves again.  Finally giving in and bringing the Hammer of Wolf Wrath to NOVA.  I was against the multiple/all Thunderwolf List.  It didn't fit in my Idea of Wolves, still thinking from the stand point of Ragnar, Njal, or Logan leading an army.

Yet it was a charge into a Dreadknight from only 4 Wolves that started the change.  I started slow, thinking about the number of attacks, the 3+/3++ saves, the T5 S5 goodness.  I saw the power, though situational of Harald, and I saw the Light.  I saw my part of the Wolf Army.  It had what I wanted in an Army.  It has the Feel of one of the Great Companies, it has the Theme and Story that drives all of my lists and my armies, and it has the flavor that win or lose, I am going to enjoy this army.

Then I realized that I have another box of wolves, I have another Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf, and I have the ability to make it look as I want it to look.  It isn't the ridiculous amount of High Strength Weapons I can bring, it isn't the crazy rules, it isn't even the wargear options.  It is the fact that each of my Thunderwolves can be Unique, each of my models can take on a Cohesive look while being individuals, and I can have unique compositions that lead to 8 to 11 Thunderwolves that are individuals, the way I see my Space Wolves.

So the Work will begin on creating my Harald Deathwolf Thunderwolf Army.  Taking my wolves, and allowing for them to be run as multiple units or a blob of T5 goodness.

It has flair, it has love, and it has Wolves riding Wolves.  So I am making the conversion for atleast an aspect of an army, that will be the Fury of Fenris.

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