Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hobby Slumps and Motivation

I've been in a bit of a slump lately. Since NOVA right about a month ago, I haven't picked up a brush. I also haven't played any serious games (the two I have played I used 12 models in my army). I also haven't been keeping up with my Horus Heresy series, either reading or reviewing. It's a slump.

Something I've latched onto recently to try to get some perspective is a tool I stole from some Malifaux enthusiasts, who posted a Model tracker for their hobby progress. If nothing else, I am an Excel nerd, so I took their work and adapted it for my 40k collections.

The above is a summary graphic from the first sheet of the workbook. The summary page also includes the number of models and points (without upgrades) I have for each of my armies, and the various states they are in.

Some of the numbers I have entered are ball park guesses (like how many unassembled termagants and hormagaunts I have lying around) while others are very accurate. With just the models I have included in the sheet for these seven armies, I have over 1,000 40k minis, and just under 20% fully painted to a quality I am happy with. Another 20% or so is partially painted, which is also where I included models that were painted long ago and aren't up to my current standards.

The final summary on the first tab is a simple breakdown of the models and  points per faction as a percentage of my collection. For example, by models, Orks make up a bit over 20% of my collection, but only 13% of my total points (which is around 20k).

Additionally, each army has its own tab, where my list of models are kept and what state they are in. At the moment, I only have model lists and points for the armies I've collected. That said, anyone familiar with Excel could add or change the armies included.

You can get the full workbook here. Feel free to hit me up in the comments or via email with any questions about customizing your own copy. To add armies, simply either replace or add new armies to the Model Lists tab and then change relevant Data Validation to match the desired selection. It's seriously easy if you're familiar with excel, even though that sounded really complicated.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this way of tracking your hobby and get some use out of it. Hopefully checking items off my list will get me rolling and painting again.

What do you think of the tracker? Also, what do you do to break out of a slump?

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