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When Mini War Gaming goes MINI Part 2

As a follow on to last night's post on mini-games, here is the Second Part of Mini Games for Friday Night: Space Hulk Style Games.

This game as well as the missions were inspired by the Space Hulk Board Game.  They are pretty much a no  win situation for whoever is involved.  With that said, the allies still have a shot to get out alive or win the scenario.  The three missions below are designated as Defend the Bunker, Get to the Landing Zone, and The Alamo. HQ, Sergeants, Special Rules, and carnage: what more could you ask for from a War Game with your Friends.  This Post will talk about setup and Mission 1.

3-Player Space Hulk Style

The third mini-game option is one similar to Space Hulk except it is on a board with 3 armies fighting a common enemy: Tyranids.  What happens is that the Tyranids are an independent army that follow specific rules for how they move, when and where reinforcements come in, and what the horde has to do or prevent.  

Each player army has a very specific force available to them: a HQ, a Sergeant (rules below), and their force.  All players will have a total of 600 points for his army to spend on the Force, the Sergeant, and HQ, determined by rolling on the tables below. There are no restrictions on how the 600 points must be divided up except that the main force options must be legal units.  In theory you could spend 400 on troops, 50 on a Sergeant, and 150 on an HQ.  It is your force.  

HQ Choices:
D6 Roll
1 or 4
Special Character
2 or 5
3 or 6

If a Special Character is rolled, number all Special Character HQ choices and roll randomly.  This Character will only deduct a maximum of 200 points from your available 600 points.  This is because if he/she is there, then there has got to be a good reason for it.

Each player will roll on the table below to determine what Force Organization choices are available to form his force. No two players can have the same force, which means if Player A gets a 9 on his roll, then no other player can roll that exact number.  

Elite / Heavy
Troop / Heavy
Elite / Fast
Fast Attack
Troop / Elite
Troop / Fast
Heavy / Fast
Your Choice

If your option has a Sergeant (i.e. Sergeant for Tactical Marines) you may use them and roll on the special rules below.  If they don’t, you may nominate one person in your force to become a Sergeant.  This person has an improved profile where they get one additional attack, +1 to the group Leadership rating, and has one of the special rules below (rolled for randomly).

Rule Title
Firing Squad
Add +1 shot to Rapid Fire and +1 to hit for Overwatch roll (i.e. BS1 becomes BS2) (Unit as Well)
Gain Counter Attack and +1 Attack in CC (Unit as Well)
Upon Thy Honor
At start of turn on a successful Leadership check, may freely break from combat and proceed with turn naturally (2 uses)
Thy Rod and Staff
Add +1 to all Deny the Witch Roles (can be used with other special items i.e. Physic Hoods Rune Priest Weapons)
Suicide Mission
May call in a S10 AP1 Large Blast Template within 12” of Sergeant that scatters a full 2D6"
Lucky Dogs
All invulnerable saves are increased by 1 for all members of Squad

If only vehicles are selected for an option, and the Sergeant and HQ cannot fit inside, then the Sergeant and HQ are believed to be inside that unit commanding them (no model on the field).  This will allow for the vehicle to benefit from the Sergeant's special abilities.  

The Nids, depending on the game type, will have a specific number they start out with and can either increase it each round, stay the same for the entire game, or will increase it if specific actions happen. The Nids will have three designated starting locations on the board for each game type.  The Starting Forces for the Nids are described in the Mission Details (which includes numbers, groups, and where they can start).  

Each group will have a priority target that they will be "guided" to by the Hive Mind and All shots will be at "Priority Targets."  For most cases this will be units closest to the objective or closest to the unit.


Mission 1:  Defend the Control Bunker

With the Tyranid horde moving against the Forces allied under desperate times, the order has been given to defend a Control Bunker linked to an orbital defense platform that will target and destroy the Hive Fleet in orbit.

Board Dimensions:  3x4

Objectives:  Prevent Tyranids from destroying bunker. Wipe out the Tyranids.

Victory Conditions:  Allies – Have the Control Bunker survive and fire on the Hive Fleet.

                                Tyranids – Destroy the Defenders.  Destroy the Bunker.

Night Fighting is in effect Turn 1.  Allies go Second since they are waiting for the Horde.

Deployment –

Allies – Blue

Tyranids – Red

Bunker – Yellow

Terrain – D3 Terrain for each 1.5x2 piece of the board

Tyranids will deploy 1200 points with another 600 in reserve.  The 1200 Point and 600 Point lists are below.

Tyranid Horde:

HQ [ 1 ]

Tyranid Prime (130pt.) Lash whip and bone sword; Deathspitter; Adrenal glands; Toxin sacs; Regeneration;

Troops [ 4 ]

20x - Hormagant Brood (120pt.) Scything talons;
16x - Termagant Brood (80pt.) Fleshborer;
16x - Termagant Brood (80pt.) Fleshborer;
3x - Tyranid Warrior Brood (105pt.) Scything talons; Deathspitter; 

Fast attack [ 1 ]

15x - Gargoyle Brood (90pt.) Fleshborer; 

Heavy support [ 1 ]

3x - Carnifex Brood (600pt.) Scything talons; Crushing claws; Frag spines; Adrenal glands;

Reserves Units: 

Troops [ 1 ]
6x - Genestealer Brood (130pt.) Broodlord (60pt.); 

Fast attack [ 2 ]

5x - Ravener Brood (175pt.) Scything talons; Rending claws;
3x - Ravener Brood (120pt.) Scything talons; Rending claws; Devourer;

Heavy support [ 1 ]

Mawloc (170pt.) 

The 1200 points will deploy in cover as much as possible in their deployment zone.  The 600 point reserves will tunnel in and will appear in one of 6 places depending on a D6 roll following normal Reserve Rolls. This is an independent roll for each group. Each group acts normally after arriving and can make assaults accordingly.

How they enter
Opposite side of Bunker
Walk on from short table edge opposite bunker
Next to HQ
Pop up next to an HQ (Roll D3 to determine which) doing D6 S:User attacks. The unit is then engaged in combat
In Open
Pop up in open closest to Random HQ with Stealth until next Tyranid Turn
In Cover
Pop up in cover closest to a Random HQ with Stealth until next Tyranid Turn
Under Random Unit
Pop up under any Allied Unit doing D6 S:User attacks. The unit is then engaged in combat
Behind Bunker
Walk on short table edge behind bunker

At Start of Turn 4 Roll a D3, that is how many turns are left before the Bunker gives the signal to fire on the Hive Fleet.  (i.e. a roll of 1 would means the game ends after turn 4, 2 after game turn 5, and a 3, the game ends after game turn 6)

And with that, all the games are up.  So what is your opinion on it?  Can the allies survive?  Will the Tyranids destroy everything on the planet?  Can 3 Limited Armies withstand the horde to follow?  Tune in Next week to see the Epic Conclusion and results, and check in tomorrow for Scenarios 2 and 3, Get to the LZ and The Alamo.

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