Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Broadside XV88 leg posing conversion

Hey there FTGT readers, today I want to show an easy option for leg posing on the new XV88 Broadside kit.

The intended pose on this guy is just awesome - with one leg back and the other forward to brace the XV88 suit with its heavy weaponry.  Unfortunately, as cool as this pose is - in a squad of three it can start to get repetitive.  This article will show you an easy way to change that, without having to hack apart joints or re-sculpt missing details.

The legs in the kit are fixed at the knee joint (unlike the riptide which comes with separate upper and lower leg parts).  The hip ball joint can be rotated into any position, but there is a pin at the ankle joint which forces the foot and leg into a very specific stance.  By cutting this joint on the left leg - you can rotate the left leg backwards, producing a stance like this:

 You can build the top normally - rotated at the waist to your liking.  This is the end result:

The broadside ends up in a pose that makes him appear to be charging towards the enemy.  Sure broadsides have heavy weapons and shouldn't be moving much - but I have had to re position them many times in game to get side armor on a tank(don't forget marker lights allow you to improve the bs of snap shots!).  Most importantly though, is now we have a broadside who looks different than the other guys in the squad.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and realize just how easy it can be to achieve a different pose on your shiny new broadside kits.


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