Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shout Outs

In my short involvement in the Warhammer Blogging community, I've received some great advice, input, and help from other bloggers. I've also seen some brilliant ideas and beautiful models. Whenever I find some cool material on a blog, I add that blog to my increasingly full Reading list off to the right. If you'd like to be added to the list, shoot me an email at ftgtgaming [at] and I'll add you on. I can't promise jumps in page views by any stretch, but I at least check my reading lists frequently for new posts.

Sometimes though, that doesn't feel like enough, so I'd like to give some thanks and kudos, and highlight some posts and tools I've found recently which I liked. This collection is by no means complete, authoritative, or otherwise, and makes no claims to be so. It is also, for the most part, not in any sort of order.

To begin I have to thank Natfka; like so many of us, he provides great compilations of rumors and his blog exchange is a terrific place to both gain a larger audience and find other great blogs. Many of the entries that follow I found through Natfka. Thankfully, his old site is back up for the time being, and he's been teasing that a new site is forthcoming soon.

Head Quarters Army Builder: I recently stumbled on this tool. While no means a substitute for the rules themselves, this online tool works great on mobile devices and the support team is fantastic, responding to questions and concerns very quickly. Great work and a great resource for toying with list building.

Moridian 7th: Recent posts feature some beautifully painted Eldar, in particular a Wraithlord and the in-progress pictures of an impressively posed Wraithknight.

SincaiN40K: Regular posts of some beautiful models. Despite his reservations about the new Eldar codex, +Todd Sherman is currently working on two cross-over flyers, which I think look better than either standard build.

How to Lose at 40k (and Look Good While Doing It): +JJ Virnala does some brilliant work and I enjoy his mix of gaming and painting posts (and everything in between. His most recent project was a Wraithknight and a Crimson Hunter he painted up and posted on eBay (not pictured below so I don't overdo the Eldar theme going on). 

Confessions of a 40k Addict: +Dave Weston has some beautiful Tyranids, and his blog features lots of Terrain tutorials, how-tos, and an incredible collection of Standard Template Constructs which are printable templates to cut out on foamcore and make your own terrain. An excellent resource for a terrain-novice like myself. 

Please give these fellow bloggers a look if you don't already, and check out all of the blogs in my Recommended Reading section

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