Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Painting Desk: Dark Eldar Commission

Over in my FTGT Painting Studio I've been working on a Dark Eldar army commission for Bryan. It's taken a bit longer than I originally anticipated, and is still ongoing, but I have some of the first completed models to show off. The army is being done in the Kabal of the Flayed Skull scheme. I've finished off the Venoms and Razorwings, and started on the Reavers and Warriors.

I was pretty happy with them, but it wasn't until I put the freehand designs on them that they really popped and I was fully satisfied with how they came out.

The Razorwings are done outside of one canopy, missiles, and bases. The one completed base in the photos is borrowed for now. Once the rest of the army are complete they'll be based in a sand theme.

With those vehicles done, I moved on to the mass of 30 warriors and the 5 Reaver riders (I finished the jetbikes with the Venoms and Razorwings).

After the Warriors there are three characters, ten Scourges and ten Wyches, a Raider and a Ravager. Hopefully I'll pick up the pace a bit, but I'm definitely enjoying painting these guys and proud of how they've come out so far.

After these guys, I've got a Warhound Titan and a Ravenguard army to paint up, so stay tuned for more. Thanks for checking out what I've been up to, and check out my commission website.

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