Wednesday, April 6, 2016

NRVCon List Building II - NOVA 1,850 Eldar

Last week I posted a couple lists I was considering for the NRVCon 40k Tournament at the end of April. After my game with Aidan, in which I was thoroughly trounced by Aidan's Daemon Incursion list (which went on to win elphilo's RTT at Huzzah Hobbies the following day), I felt a need to go back to the drawing board a little bit for the Eldar list. I'm also debating jumping back to the Necrons as the tournament is quickly approaching.

As for the Eldar, after playing Aidan's extreme MSU list, the issues were mainly that I didn't have enough units with enough firepower to target the small units all over, and didn't have good enough Objective control methods to maintain control of the board and win the missions.

As such, the modifications to the list are designed to bring in some ObSec and also to add diverse firepower. To that end, I'm dropping one of the Warp Hunters, and in the CAD, splitting them into solo units. Dark Eldar were added to provide some transportation and more ObSec.
  • Eldar CAD: 
    • Warlock
    • 2x5 Dire Avengers
    • 3 War Walkers: Scatter Lasers
    • 2x1 Warp Hunter: Crystal Targeting Matrix
    • Skathatch Wraithknight: Scatter Laser
  • Dark Eldar CAD:
    • Lahmean
    • 2x5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/2 Splinter Cannons
    • 2 Venoms: 2 Splinter Cannons
    • 4 Reavers: Cluster Caltrops, Blaster
  • Eldar Aspect Host:
    • 3x5 Warp Spiders: Exarch
The list is still largely a glass cannon, with quite a few easy Kill Points for it to give up, but it's also more mobile than my previous iteration, and has the ability to lay down more fire on more targets. It would also be a bit of fun to put some of the Dark Eldar I'm painting on the table. 

The idea here is basically that the Venoms provide mobility and firepower for a much lower cost than the Wave Serpents. Splitting up the Warp Hunters allows me to spread out their damage output and also makes them more annoying to deal with. 

As I mentioned before, I'm also debating taking a Necron list largely similar to my NOVA list from last year, but we shall see. Anyway - thoughts on the list? I'm concerned it's still a little too light to take and hold objectives reliably. 

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