Monday, April 18, 2016

NRVCon List Building III - 1,850 NOVA Necrons

As I mentioned last time when I was reworking my Eldar list, I also had started considering going back to the Necrons. For the last week or so I've been tweaking a few varieties of list and think I've settled on the Necron list I'm most likely taking. This list uses the Retribution Phalanx formation from the Start Collecting! Necrons box.

There is some debate on how this formation should work, but as it is worded, it is very good. The formation is an Overlord, a Triarch Stalker, a unit of Warriors, and a unit of Scarabs. Whenever the Warriors or Scarab units are destroyed, they instead return to the battlefield at the start of the controlling player's next turn within 3" of the Overlord. As written, the unit does not have to be wholly within 3", and is not considered arriving from reserves or deep strike, so can act normally in that turn, including moving and assaulting.

This redeployment makes the warriors and Scarabs extremely mobile, with a large scarab swarm able to reach just about any point on the battlefield the turn they return. The key to this formation is the Overlord, who has to survive. As such, for the remainder of my list, I've opted for a bit of a deathstar build using a Canoptek Harvest and a Royal Court in my Decurion. The list overall looks like this:

  • Decurion Detachment:
    • Reclamation Legion:
      • Zahndrekh (Warlord)
      • 3 Tomb Blades: Blade Vanes, Nebuloscopes
      • 2x10 Warriors
      • 5 Immortals
    • Canoptek Harvest: 
      • Spyder
      • 3 Scarabs
      • 6 Wraiths: Whip Coils
    • Royal Court: 
      • Overlord: Warscythe, Nightmare Shroud, Resurrection Orb
      • Orikan the Diviner
      • Lord: Solar Staff
  • Retribution Phalanx
    • Overlord: Voidreaper, Phase Shifter, Resurrection Orb
    • Triarch Stalker: Heat Ray
    • 10 Warriors
    • 8 Scarabs
I have managed to get one game in with this list and am more comfortable with the Necrons than the Eldar in general. Being Necrons, the list is incredibly resilient. Honestly my biggest concern is there aren't many good units for the star characters to bounce to should the wraiths need to sprint off after something. That said, five Necron characters with a couple ResOrbs and 2+ rerollables on two can potentially stand on their own if need be. 

The first test game against Aidan went well, and the army has the speed and staying power I like for NOVA missions. It also has the ability to perform either primary and most secondaries depending on the opposing list, which I think is extremely important for a successful list in the NOVA format. 

Another bonus to taking this list is that there is relatively little for me to paint, so I shouldn't need to sacrifice much commission painting time, which is doubly important since the Dark Eldar are taking more time than I originally expected. I have the few models I need to add to the list assembled and painting should be relatively fast. 

The bases are mostly done and just waiting on the warriors, who I assembled this weekend. The stalker meanwhile is partly painted as it was getting leftover paint from when I was painting the army for NOVA last August. 

At this point, I believe I've settled on this list, with possible equipment tweaks as the only thing remaining; I would like to get the Veil of Darkness in there somewhere. 

Finally, to leave off, NRVCon is this weekend, and spots are still available for the 40k tournament. If you're remotely in the area and interested I hope you decide to make it out. The more the merrier when it comes to this event, and it should be a lot of fun. 

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