Friday, August 14, 2015

NOVA Bound: NOVA 40k Invitational

As I alluded to in previous posts, Ron and I will be participating in the 40k Invitational at NOVA this year, competing against some really big names in 40k. The event is a five round, single elimination tournament held the day before the GT. This year, there's even a bracket, which you can fill out and pick the winners. The best bracket wins a pass to NOVA 2016.

After the dust settled for the pairings, I wasn't too surprised to be near the bottom of the stack, meaning I would be matched up against an extremely good player. As luck would have it, I've been matched against Alan "Pajamapants" Bajramovic. He will be running an Eldar/Daemons/Eldar list of some sort against my Arachnophobia list.

We don't know which mission we'll be playing, so I can't count on Dawn of War deployment and 6 objectives. I also don't know exactly what Alan will bring. I've actually been having lots of fun coming up with possible lists. I think I have a decent guess for his Daemon part, but only vague ideas for what Eldar he would bring to compliment them.

Ron, meanwhile, is matched against Nick Rose, of WargamesCon and LVO final tables. Nick is bringing a Space Marine and Grey Knight army, plus an Assassin (Culexus I would guess). The addition of the Grey Knights could indicate he is straying from his Scout lists of recent success, though how much he does remains to be seen. It will definitely be a tough game for Ron, as Nick is unlikely to overlook or misunderstand his Lictorshame variant list, and have a good idea on how to counter it.

I have to give a lot of credit to Mike and NOVA for how they've set up the Invitational this year. It's already building a lot of excitement about the event, which I think has largely been overlooked in recent years. I know I'm going to spend a good bit of time theory-hammering out possible lists I could face and how I can handle them with my list while still going about what I want to do.

I'm hoping to get a game or two against Aidan, another Invitational player, who has a better handle on Daemons than I do and should be able to shed some light on possible matchup issues to be aware of.

Be sure to fill out your brackets and let us know how far you see the FTGT boys going (no offense taken if it's 35 minutes into Round 1, haha).

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