Friday, August 28, 2015

Mawloc Conversion #2 - FTGT Ron

Hey Guys,

Ron here, with another picture dump of some recently finished models for the NOVA tournament. This time I have my second converted Mawloc.  

With this Mawloc, I wanted to have him at the front of the base, appearing to have some forward momentum.  I also needed to have him done fairly quickly for Nova, so burying a section of the tail I wouldn't need to paint was a very appealing concept.  I used modeling clay to give the impression that the mawloc was moving just under the surface, with the ground splitting and falling away around him.

The basing work is fairly simplistic, and will have finishing touches added in the future (creep, rippers, rocks, gore, etc.).  I needed to get this guy knocked out in a hurry, so paint and hap hazard flocking fit the bill for now.  In the picture above you can also see the fill work I did on the back vents.  I used an embossing tool to make the holes, and a tapered point color/clay shaper to make the striations and indentations.

 I cut out the tongue, and glued the end spike to the base of it, to give the impression that the tongue was retracted.  This prevented the model from sticking out even further forward, and varied him a bit from my final mawloc who will have the regular, extended tongue.  I used some UHU glue to add saliva after painting.

I'm very happy with how this guy turned out with the limited time I had to spend on him.  I think the posing works fairly well.  I'll go back after nova and touch up a few things (namely the base).

Finally I'll leave you with a (blurry) parting shot of a WIP Flyrant conversion:

Thanks for checking out the blog!  Best wishes as you conquer your own grey tides.  



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