Monday, August 24, 2015

NOVA Bound: The Final Countdown

We are in the final stretch to NOVA; just over a week remaining, and for me, just about five painting days remaining. As I've mentioned, I got a new job recently, but don't start until after NOVA; my last day at my current job is tomorrow, leaving me five business days of painting time, and I have plans for just about every minute.

In addition to my own army, I decided to take on a commission to help pay some of my trip to NOVA. I still have a couple small commissions to knock out as well, so need to take care of them as well.

My first paint day, Wednesday, I plan on painting my last Scarab and three Wraiths for the Necrons in the morning, wrapping them up after lunch, and then working on Sha's Daemon Prince. On Thursday I'll base the Necrons and do some touch-up/detail/squad markings, finish up Sha's Daemon Prince, and begin the sample mini for Jesse's Death Marshalls. I'll end the week by starting my big commission, a tabletop standard jetbike army for Phil of elphilo's blog.

Sample of the jetbikes I'm looking to match/improve for the army.
The painting will continue on Monday, after spending time with my wife over the weekend. On Monday I plan on finishing Phil's army, including adding details and markings to distinguish the Farseers, and do some cool lava looks for an Avatar.

That leaves Tuesday for any spillover and final touches for my army, Phil's commission, and maybe even some of my Malifaux Gremlins. Then on Wednesday it's packing up and hitting the road. If you're at the NOVA hotel Wednesday night feel free to shoot me a message/email and we can try to meet up.

So the penultimate painting update:

  • Must Paint:
    • 12 3 Wraiths - assembled (I ditched the old metal ones for a set of new plastic ones)
    • 4 1 Spyder - assembled
    • 21 Warp Spiders - need details and OSL, 80%
    • 12 Scarabs - Complete
    • 3 Tomb Blades - Complete
    • *~30 Jetbikes - commission, assembled
    • *~10 Warlocks/Farseers - commission, assembled
    • *Avatar - commission, assembled
    • *Daemon Prince - commission, started, about 25% complete
  • Stretch Goals:
    • Army-wide touchups - Sepia Wash, edge highlights, squad markings, base additions
    • 5 Immortals - Complete
    • *6 Death Marshalls - commission, unassembled
    • Malifaux Gremlins
It's quite the list, and has expanded a bit, but with ~35-40 hours or "working" time, I am confident I can knock it out. Ideally I would like to get another practice game or two in, but at this point that might be pushing it. 

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