Friday, December 27, 2013

Two weeks of insanity, Pre-codex Tyranid prep.

BeeCee here again.

I am making a few educated guesses based on the rumors/leaked photos regarding the Tyranid release as I prepare my list for the Dark Star GT in March 2014.

I spawn kill points!

I have already decided I am only going to run one tervigon based on the increase of the number of termagants to unlock it as a troops choice. With a brood of 30 termagants to make it a troops and about 30 termagants as spawns I figured I am at the upward limit of the termagants I am willing to paint in a short amount of time.

With that in mind, hormagaunts will also most likely become players in my list with their rumored point cost reduction. I hope to have 20 of them done before codex release.

One gargoyle down, only like 49 to go. sigh...
Gargoyles are a unit that have performed fairly well for me in the current codex and I expect them to be a pretty decent choice in the new book. I would like to have at least 10 of them ready to go for the new book.

So due to some prior commitments, I know there are at most, 15 painting days remaining for me before the new Tyranid codex is released. I am going to try to get all done by then. This means I need to paint about four models per day to get everything done. It will be tough but i think it is doable if i focus on a tabletop quality and go back for additional detailing later.

I will check back in one week and show my progress!

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