Friday, December 13, 2013

DarkStar Preparations Continue, Dealing with a New Codex. A quick update from BeeCee.

BeeCee here continuing my journey towards my first Warhammer 40k tournament. As you probably know if you are an active 40k player, the Tyranids are coming in January. They have quite a few new shiny kits and the rumors are running wild as to which units are getting a buff, which ones are getting nerfed to the ground etc...

This presents a huge problem for me preparing for the tourney as most of my bugs aren't painted. The codex is rumored to be released on January 11, 2014. The Darkstar GT is March 8-9, 2014. That gives me exactly eight weeks from codex release until the tournament. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with the best system to set me up to succeed in getting this army completed in time.

My army must be painted to a three color minimum but other things like basing, conversions etc., are used to get you a painting score. With that in mind things like bases and display boards are unfortunately going to be done if I get everything else done in time. I know I don't have the skill level to compete for "Best Painted" at this point anyways. It's all about getting an army painted, on the table, and getting that first tourney experience under my belt.

It can be overwhelming when you have a multitude of models to paint.
I decided to take a little bit different approach. I am going to try to assembly line almost EVERYTHING I have that is assembled. My thinking is that if I have all the models half done then I won't have guessed wrong. It would be a shame to completely paint up a unit only to not use it at all in the my new army list. I am going to start with my base coat on the carapaces and claws with Abbadon Black. once that is done for all the models I will move on to the next color.

On my painting table right now are roughly 25 hormagaunts, 30 termagants, and 20 gargoyles. I have a month until the codex comes out, I am going to see if I can hero them all done by then! I will provide some updates in the coming weeks to show everyone my progress.

As always, feel free to post comments below, add suggestions or generally cheer me on as I try to do this. With two little kids here at home it's sometimes a struggle to get any time to paint, much less time to paint an entire army. Thanks for tuning in, much more to come!

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