Friday, December 20, 2013

Making a better Biovore (head) - Tyranid Converting

Hey everyone, Ron here with a quick Tyranid Conversion.   Today I am looking at the much maligned biovore - specifically improving the herpy derp head.  Sadly forrest stumpy is not in line for a new model, but no need to worry.  There is a simple fix:

In 6th edition the rules for wounding models changed drastically.  Along with this change, came a significant upgrade to barrage type weapons.  Effectively barrage weapons allow you to snipe specific models (special weapons, sergeants, ICs etc) in a unit, and pile up a ton of wounds that have to be resolved against that model first.  Biovores benefited greatly, and although still not as ubiquitous as tervigons and flyrants, they have found their way in to more and more nid lists.  Sadly, if you want to field a unit of these spore launching bad boys, you're shelling out $41.25 (USD) for a model that looks like this:

Now, while most of it isn't terrible, the biovore model has one dated element that stands out immediately - the head.  Back in 4th edition fluff (and before), biovores were the product of adapted Ork DNA.  So in this sense - the model fit the fluff, though it veered slightly from the new design direction Jes Goodwin started implementing in third edition with the warrior/gaunt models.  Most new units since then have followed the same overall design characteristics, and minus the head, this 4th edition biovore model is no different in those regards.  By simply making one small tweak to this image, by superimposing part of a warrior head, I ended up with the picture of a model who fits current fluff, and falls in line with the current overall design direction of the army.  

Without further dramatics, here is how I took this picture, and a $41.25 smileovore, and easily created a mini I'm proud to field.

I started with the biovore mini and a warrior head.  I lopped off everything on the warrior head to the left of the red line above.  This can be accomplished with clippers for large cuts, and a hobby knife to fine tune the result.  

Next, cut out the existing biovore head.  This part can be challenging if you have a metal model - though not too bad if you use clippers to break off smaller pieces at a time.  Just be careful to protect your eyes, as this will cause chunks of metal to fly around the room.

Now just plop some putty down, squish in your new head, and you're good to go!  I modeled in some holes just below the armor plates since these are farther back on a warrior head, but that attention to detail isn't required.  I know putty work can be scary but you can do it.  This is very little work and a fairly small piece that won't be oogled in depth by your opponents.  Don't forget you can always cut, drill, and file it when the putty is dry.  Now for some painted shots:

So there we have it.  A simple conversion that, in my humble opinion, converts a dated mini into a pretty good looking one.  Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and share your own conversion(s) in the comment section below!  I always am amazed with the Nid conversions people come up with out there in the interwebz.

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