Friday, November 22, 2013

Stumbling through painting a Tervigon, the BeeCee way.

BeeCee here again. I thought I would give a quick tour of how I painted my first ever MC, my crushing claws Tervigon (or the baby momma as we call her in my gaming group).

*Disclaimer*- These pics aren't great, I decided to write a blog post after the fact. These were pics I took for my gaming group's Facebook page to make it look like i was diligent with my painting.

I started her(it) off with a nice spray primer of Army Painter Matte White (Thanks Warstore!). Once I magnetized the front arms, she looked a little something like this (OK not completely like this because I had already rocked some Druchii Violet wash in the recesses, painted some black and removed her head.):
My dear, it's not fashionable to wear white after Labor Day. Or just primer EVER!

My Leviathan color scheme is pretty darn simple, I'm not cool enough yet to pull of the multi-layers and amazing highlights yet. I can tell you that washes are sent from the heavens for rookie painters like me (and i'm sure veteran ones as well!). After i hit her with the violet in the recesses I started working on a coat of black on the hooves/claws and the carapace. At this point I had also decided to kind of sponge on some Khorne Red on some of the claws. I didn't want to just paint the tips of the hooves/claws red, I wanted it to kind of blend.
Do other bloggers abuse photo captions as much as me? I sure hope so!
So now's the part of the blog that plays like a cooking show, we blink and amazingly enough BC has painted all the black and some other random parts of painting appear as well. Once I had done the black and painted the spawning sack with a nice coat of Cadian Fleshtone, it was time to start on the distinctive Leviathan purple feathering. This is definitely a technique I am still mastering but you can see the start of it on her (it) left leg. The lines are having a tendency to run together for me and turning out like i'm just painting the edge of the carapace purple. It's something that I am working on.

I now tried my hand at a purple highlight around the cluster spines on her carapace. Luckily I had just gotten my fix so my hands weren't terribly shaky (drug humor?) so I think they turned out ok.

Can't color in the lines? Take that Kindergarten teacher!
Once I was done with the purple highlight, I went with a Warpfiend Grey highlight to top it off. I feathered over my purple from the previous step as well as highlight marks on top of the chimney vents on the carapace and a couple of strong edges on the head. Also when painting Tyranid mouths, Nuln Oil is your best friend, hit them with a blast of that, highlight the teeth with Skull White/White Scar and they look like they have pearly whites and a mouth that looks like dirt. Somehow that just does the job!

No I don't brush my teeth, actually I eat dentists!
Here she is on the table with the small posse of termagants I had painted up.

It's the mom who cares whose synaptic backlash kills all her babies when she dies on the table.
I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my first ever MC. If you see really easy ways I can make her look even awesome or any cool tips and tricks please post them in the comments below. I look forward to reading them and becoming a better painter! Also notice those grey magnetized arms up there? What could be next on the painting table? A Trygon?

NOPE! It's just another crap pile of termagants and some gargoyles!
Until next time, remember when the Grey Tide gets you down, grab a surfboard and enjoy the ride!

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