Thursday, November 21, 2013

Iron Hand Titan Reporting for Duty

Surf’s up here at the Grey Tide because a Tidal Wave of Nids is flowing in this weekend.  Ron, Evan, and I are getting together for another Gaming Weekend and I am super pumped to try our scenarios, blast some Nids, and hopefully survive our first Mission Based Scenarios.

But that’s not what my post is about.  I have recently acquired my first Titan.  He is a Imperial Warlord Titan, that I got off of eBay (thank you eBay), and he is a Monster.  He looks incredible with a lot of great details, the box he came in makes him look even bigger, and I have a new weapon for my Iron Hands Allies with the new Clan Raukaan supplement coming out, I am super excited to maybe start my second army (maybe).

But my post today is about magnetizing this Beast:  The Imperial Warlord Titan.

So obviously you now see that my Titan is a Dwarf Titan, or more appropriately an Epic Titan.  This doesn’t mean he is obsolete, it means he has been repurposed because let’s face it, everyone and every army wants a freaking Titan, no matter how big or small he is.  I chose for him to be the first Dreadnought for my Iron Hands.  I figured that nothing represents the Iron Hands more than a Titan, especially if he is doubling as a Venerable Dreadnought.  Plus the look of confusion on a person face when you say Titan and you bring out the little guy is always worth a laugh.

I first started by figuring out what I wanted to magnetize and what was the end goal.  I wanted the weapons to be magnetized, the head to be magnetized, and the upper torso to be magnetized.  This was all to make the model easier to move and should a weapon be destroyed, it just pops right off. 

I started off by laying everything out and figuring how it went together.  The directions on the back of the box helped a little, but it was easy enough to build if you can add 2+2.  I started by laying everything out and placing small 1/8” round magnets in some of the holes for the head and gun arms.

I then tried to use Zapp Gap to start putting the metal parts together.  Unfortunately, the weight of the different parts forced me to use green stuff with rubber bands to hold it in place while it dried.  Using the Zapp Gap, I glued a ¼” magnet onto the 1/8” magnet that would be holding the arms in place.  I allowed that to dry over night.  I then glued the back panel into place with the top while working on the arms, the head, and the legs.

I had to use Green stuff on the Legs, the upper guns (aka Smoke Launchers), and the magnets on the guns, torso, legs, and head.  Taking a small amount of Zapp Gap, I placed the ¼” magnet onto the cut of the head and then used the green stuff to halo encase it.  I did the same thing for the arms as well.

The Torso required my handy dremel.  After lining everything up, I cut the metal peg off of the leg joints, and then drilled a 1/8” pilot hole for a small magnet before drilling down with a ¼” drill for the second magnet .  I used a combination of Green stuff and Zapp Gap and let it dry over night.  At the same time, I got all the top carapace together glued down, and then drilled a ¼” hole up into the base.  A little green stuff and Zapp Gap and we were ready for another night of drying.  After all was said and done, I now have a Titan that will double on the surface of a gaming table as an Iron Hands Venerable Dreadnought with 2 Auto Cannons or an Auto Cannon and a Lascannon.  I can’t wait to paint this guy so he is ready to rumble.

Wolf Dread beside Iron Dread:  Brothers in Arms

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