Friday, July 13, 2018

Return to ATC - Team and List Building

It's ATC Time again! It's 4am and I'll be hitting the road very shortly to head down to Chattanooga for my second time at ATC, American Team Championship, starting today. For those who don't know, ATC is (primarily) a 40k event where teams of five players face off in five 1on1 games. I lead a team last year and had a blast, and while most of the team roster has changed this year, I'm still super excited to be leading my team into a field of over 70 opposing teams - that's over 350 players!

From last year's team, only myself and Geoff are returning due to life events, so we had to add three more players to the team. Somehow I managed to snag Andrew Whittaker, Warzone: Atlanta 2017 champion. From there I reached out to Phil (of Glacial Geek fame) and he brought along his friend Marcus. Just like that we had a team. After some deliberation, we opted to change the name of the team to Facing the General Geek (which narrowly beat out Team Your Voice Sounds Familiar).

From there, it was a matter of choosing factions and lists. Early on, as a team we decided none of us were terribly interested in chasing the meta to the furthest lengths of power, particularly with the Big FAQ looming at the time. Instead we agreed our focus would be largely on each of us bringing armies we liked and having 6 fun rounds of games.

So while we might not be tip of the spear when it comes to cutting edge meta lists, we're also not bringing slouch lists by any stretch. We're going to play hard and compete in our matches. After a little back and forth on some of the factions (basically, no player can use the same Codex as another player on the team) we came up with this roster:
  • Evan - Tyranids
  • Andrew - Blood Angels
  • Geoff - Knights and Guard
  • Marcus - Sisters and Custodes
  • Phil - Dark Angels
Maybe I should have brought some Genestealer Cult and made the claim that  my GSC were pulling the strings with all these Imperial armies.

For my list, I made just some small tweaks to my Warzone: Atomic Empire list to get to what I'll be running this weekend:
  • Kraken Battalion:
    • Flyrant: 2 Devourers, Monstrous Rending Claws, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Chameleonic Mutation
    • Flyrant: 2 Devourers, Monstrous Rending Claws, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
    • 18 Genestealers: 4 Acid Maws
    • 3 Rippers
    • 3 Rippers
  • Kronos Battalion: 
    • Flyrant: 2 Devourers, Monstrous Rending Claws, Toxin Sacs
    • Malanthrope (Warlord)
    • 3 Rippers
    • 3 Rippers
    • 13 Termagants: Fleshborers
    • 6 Hive Guard: Impaler Cannons 
  • Jormungandr Spearhead:
    • Neurothrope
    • 2 Carnifex: 2x 2 Deathspitters, Enhanced Senses, Spore Cysts, Bone Mace Tail
    • Carnifex: 2x 2 Deathspitters, Enhanced Senses, Spore Cysts, Bone Mace Tail
    • Carnifex: 2x 2 Deathspitters, Enhanced Senses, Spore Cysts, Bone Mace Tail

The previous version didn't have the third detachment, so had the Carnifexes running in the Kronos battalion. I dropped the Meiotic spores and Hormagaunts from the previous list to make room for the fifth HQ, and added in a Malanthrope to help protect the Hive Guard. As a result, just about everything starting on the board will be -1 to hit in shooting, hopefully adding further to my list's durability. 

The rest of our team's lists can be found here, and all the lists for all teams can be found here.

Anyway, I'm hitting the road. Follow along with the event through the Best Coast Pairings app, and our team via our various social media outlets. If you're at ATC, come find our team and say hello!

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