Thursday, May 10, 2018

Warzone: Atomic Empire - Evan's Tyranids 2.0

Lists have been submitted for Warzone: Atomic Empire, which is just over a week away now. As I went through in my last post, I was weighing a handful of variations of list, and eventually settled on one, fairly similar to the List Doctor list I got from Matt Root.

The changes from Matt's suggestion I ended up making were dropping a Carnifex and Neurothrope (and accordingly a detachment) in favor of my Meiotics and a Hormagaunt blob.
  • Battalion - Kraken:
    • 2x Hive Tyrant: Wings, 2 Devourers, MRC, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
      • Chameleonic Mutation on one with Catalyst and Onslaught
      • Psychic Scream and Catalyst on other
    • 19 Genestealers: 4 Acid Maws
    • 24 Hormagaunts
    • 3 Rippers
    • 3 Meiotic Spores
  • Battalion - Kronos:
    • Hive Tyrant: Wings, 2 Devourers, MRC, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
      • Dominion, Paroxysm
    • Neurothrope: Warlord - Soul Hunger, The Horror
    • 3x 3 Rippers
    • 6 Hive Guard
    • 2x 2 Carnifexes: 4 Deathspitters, Enhanced Senses, Spore Cysts, Bone Mace
As I mentioned, one of the side-effects of dropping the second Neurothrope is I no longer had enough HQs for the third detachment, which left me with the decision of going Kronos or Jormungandr for the Carnifexes and Hive Guard. The Jormungandr trait would mean the Carnifexes are effectively rocking 2+ armor, and just that much more annoying to take down. Meanwhile, the Kronos trait unlocks psychic denial stratagems that can be game-changing while also increasing the efficiency of my Hive Guard unit. In the end, I opted for the offensive option of Kronos.

With lists set, I now have a concrete ToDo list that is maybe a little ambitious given how little time I have to hobby:
  • Must Complete:
    • 2 Hive Guard
    • 6 Ripper Bases
    • 2 Carnifexes
      • 8 Deathspitter Arms
  • Stretch Goals:
    • Neurothrope
    • Hive Fleet Markings:
      • Neurothrope
      • 9 Ripper Bases
      • 4 Carnifex
      • 6 Hive Guard
    • Squad Markings:
      • All Rippers
    • 1 Genestealer
    • 4 Hormagaunts
With the Must Complete section there's also the caveat of getting to "good enough" vs. getting them 100% done. That is, main colors blocked in, even if they don't get highlighted and any cleanups. Also goes for details like Teeth.

I downgraded the Neuro, Genestealer, and Hormagaunts to Stretch goals because I have models that will work, but just aren't as nice as I would like.

Lastly on the stretch goals are the Hive Fleet and Squad Markings. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of this aesthetically for my bugs, but it both helps on the tabletop and is considered in the Warzone Paint Rubric.

My thoughts for the Hive Fleet Markings are that I will paint the front plate on the head carapaces in a bone color. Ideally, I'm also going to put down a liquid mask first, so that I can peel off this marking after the event. Squad markings will probably be in a similar vein, with various patterns of differing colors on the carapaces, like streaks.

So far this week I've managed to get base coats down on the Hive Guard and Rippers, and the Carnifexes and Neuro primed. I also got the basing material glued down and base coated. I definitely don't have much time available before leaving for Durham next week, so we'll see if I can get it all done.

I would love to hear what you think of the list, how you think I'll do, and any matchups I should be thinking about or worried about. Also, if you'll be at Warzone: Atomic Empire, or in the area, definitely come say hi.

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