Wednesday, March 9, 2016

NRVCon 40k Tournament - April 23-24

Blacksburg's first gaming convention, NRVCon, is being held toward the end of April. Part of the convention will include a 40k Tournament which starts on Saturday, April 23. The tournament will be using NOVA format and missions, and report results to ITC. More details below:

The tournament has a cap of 32 players and will consist of a three-round RTT on Saturday, April 23, with a two-round championship on Sunday, April 24. The top four players from the Saturday event will proceed to the Championship rounds. Registration is open and $25 to join in.

List building is directly from the NOVA Primer: 1,850 points, 3 detachments or less, 0-1 Lord of War or Lord of War Detachment. Painting is not required to participate, but will be required for the majority of the prize support.

There will be more details to come as we get closer. Feel free to post questions on the event page.

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