Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update on the Hobby Challenge - Space Wolves Style

What is up everyone?  It has been an extremely long time since I did an update to the hobby challenge.  As you know I have been working on a Bran Redmaw army and unfortunately, I have been behind on updating the blog.  In the last couple of months since the hobby started and my last update, I have painted up a bunch of wolves but they are not part of the Redmaw army.  I have started and have pictures for the members that have painted up.

Enjoy the picture dump.

For the Forge the Narrative event back in February, I painted up an El Camino to be Logan's New Ride.  I also painted the guys above as well as two Land Raiders and a few other Wolves.

As you can see not a lot of Space Wolves but the big accomplishments were two Land Raiders (One is a Redeemer), 10 Wolf Guards with Wolf Claws, Logan's El Camino, The Iron Father Techmarine (the one with the axe), and the Vindicare Assassin.  I feel that I got really side tracked by Life and fell off of the pace for my Bran Redmaw Space Wolves, but starting now, I am finishing up my Wolves starting with two flyers that are coming out of Wolf Works.

Thanks for reading and look for updates soon.

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