Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Year of Tyranids: Defeating Project Backlog.

Hey Everyone,

BeeCee here after a long hiatus. I think the last time we talked I was just starting my DarkStar prep so I wanted to first take a moment to apologize that I haven't updated in a long time.

Life has been absolutely crazy; a year ago I decided to finally go back and finish my degree that I hadn't finished due to a penchant for going to bars instead of going to classes. Well I finally finished and school on top of having a family with two kids and the responsibilities of having a house was a bit too much. Something had to give, so the hobby had to take a backseat to real life for a little bit.

So now that that real life stuff is out of the way, it's time to get to work on this grey tide. It is almost embarrassing how many Tyranids I have left to paint. It's time to get to work.

Before we get to the gloom and doom of what there is left to do, I do want to say that I am damn proud of how far I have made it thus far. The first every tourney I went to was the Darkstar GT 2014 and thus the first ever painted army I had was at the Darkstar GT 2014. This should tell you about the culture of bare plastic I had playing 40k.

My first ever painted army!
The next tourney I went to was a Feast of Blades qualifier at a somewhat local hobby shop and I brought a 1500 point LAN Tyranid list:

This list represents the only tourney winning list I've ever had. Who cares that the tourney only had 10 people!
Next up was the Renegade Open in November 2014 for which I painted up my first ever gargantuan creature, the Barbed Hierodule!

Here is my Renegade Open army, the first GC and Forgeworld models I have ever painted.
And finally the 2015 Darkstar GT army! This is the army I am least proud of as with the aforementioned real life shenanigans, I didn't even have time to highlight most of the models in the list.

Not only was this army not finished painting-wise. I hardly had time to playtest it! Curse you real life!
So all that brings me to the shelf of completed Tyranids:

So you might be thinking, if you are still even reading this that is, "BeeCee, why bother showing us all the crap you've painted? I thought this is a project backlog post." Well, don't get your panties in a bunch, This is a project backlog post.

Without further adieu, here is said backlog:

I think I might have a problem?
Holy s$%^, this is a crapton of bugs. Everything is sorted out into unit sized chunks based on what you get when you buy it from GW. Meaning the stacks of gaunts is 12 gaunts, warriors are broken up in to groups of three etc...

After taking inventory, if I were to keep everything in GW sized box numbers and I painted one box's worth of stuff per week, I would have 47 weeks on the to do list! 47 weeks, and that is not even counting the other armies I have that need to be painted! Never before has it been more apparent that I need to find an ounce of self control, sometime soon!

So what now? Do I sell some of this stuff to have a normal amount of 40k stuff? Hell no! I'm going to paint it. Beginning the week of May 25th (this week), I am going to try to paint one GW box worth of stuff every week until this is done. The reality of the situation is that I know there will be weeks I don't get a box done, there will after all be vacations, family events, holidays, spikes in work, etc., that will prevent me from accomplishing this goal in 47 weeks but I am going to try like hell to get it done. Once it is all done, at current codex points costs (which we know by the time I get done, we will likely have two more nid dexes at the blistering pace content is coming out), I will have roughly 9800 points of Tyranids and the best part is I will be able to build pretty much any Tyranid list I want for any tourney and instead of late night painting sessions, I can actually playtest lists!

So what can you all expect from this? Hopefully, the more of this stuff I do, I will improve. Even if I don't improve much, I am not unhappy with my painting as it is now. You will hopefully see someone motivated to take an overwhelming grey tide and paint it up. You will hopefully see consistent progress.

It is my hope that maybe someone else is in the same situation I am in and will feel motivated to do this along with me, either at the same pace as me or at what ever pace they see fit. I appreciate any support that anyone wants to throw down in comments or email and so forth!

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