Friday, September 27, 2013

List Building: 1,000 Point O'Vesa Star

Hearing talk about the O'Vesa Star lists that more or less dominated NOVA (won the open, runner-up in the Invitational), and considering my local store's monthly tournament is 1k, I asked the crazy question: could that fit under 1k? 

An accurate depiction of just how cheesy this is.
For those who don't know, the O'vesa star is using the Farsight Enclaves allied with Tau. Farsight is your general, who unlocks O'Vesa, the IC Riptide. The two of them, and an allied buffing commander all attach to a regular Riptide to make a cheeseball deathstar. The rest of the list is just a little extra cheese sprinkled on top (I'm not judging using this list at a tournament by calling it cheesy - the objective of a tournament at the top tables is to win, and this works). 
So, I had to ask myself, would an O'Vesa star even fit under the 1k limit? And the answer is yes, barely. This list essentially builds itself as you're trying to spend as few points outside the O'Vesa Star as possible. With an ally, you have a minimum of 3 troops, one of which must be 3 Crisis suits because of Farsight Enclaves rules. 

The only question is if you go with minimum Kroot or minimum Fire Warriors. Fire Warriors are slightly cheaper (6 points), but they're also not exactly effective at that level I would imagine. While more or less a tax to take this list, you still don't want to take units without a purpose if you can avoid it. Kroot benefit from being infiltrators and outflanking, and are probably best left out of the line of fire until the can sprint on the flanks and cause problems. With that decided, the list is essentially done:

Farsight List:
Farsight (165pts)
O'Vesa (305pts)
Riptide: Ion Accelerator (185pts)
3 Crisis Suits: 2 TL Burst Cannons, Burst Cannon, Bonding Knife (109pts)
10 Kroot (60pts)
Tau Allies: 
Commander: C&C Node, Puretide Chip (115pts)
10 Kroot (60pts)

There is very little wiggle room in this list. If you dropped TL from the two Crisis Suits, you could give one Kroot squad sniper rounds, or actually give the commander a gun (or Onager Gauntlet and Retro Thrusters), or Target lock and EWO to the Riptide. 

Obviously this list will succeed or fail entirely based on the performance and survival of the deathstar unit. With 4 units in the deathstar, you can reserve all the troops and drop them in where needed once the deathstar of death has either eliminated or distracted the majority of the threats. 

So the thought experiment was a success, and while this list is tempting to try out, I would recommend only doing so with your opponent's consent as this list will probably not make you any friends. What are your thoughts?

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