Wednesday, September 25, 2013

List Building: 1,000 Point Imperial Fists Army

Last, but certainly not least in my run through all the Chapter Tactics List Building exercises is the Imperial Fists. I think they have one of the stronger Chapter Tactics, with all bolter weapons getting pseudo preferred enemy. That said, probably the main reason I've left them until last is because I'm just not a fan of their look on the table (or in a magazine - no offense intended if you like or have Imperial Fists, just not to my taste). 

Don't get me wrong, this is awesome, but on a model I'm not usually a fan.

Aesthetic reasons aside, the Chapter Tactic encouraging a force of massed bolters is a feel I like from the space marines. Of course, in this exercise, I want to also keep in mind their Siege-specialist fluff, and use that as an excuse to include a unit I've yet to add to any list: Centurions.

This is a bit more up my alley
I'll start with a Terminator Captain as my HQ and give him Thunder Hammer and Storm shield because if it's good enough for Lysander, it's good enough for my guy. I'll also give him an Auspex, because Space Marine quasi-Markerlights is cool with me. I just need a way to get him close, but that will come after the other essentials.

For Troops, I'll build two Tac squads, one with a Heavy Bolter (because ImpFists are probably the only Chapter where they make a little bit of sense) and one with Missile Launcher, and Plasma guns.I'll stick with just two squads for now because I want to buy some expensive toys with the second half of my available points.

Namely, loaded up Devastator Centurions. Giving them Missile Launchers and Lascannons makes them crazy expensive, but they have some serious firepower. Combined with Tank Hunters from their Chapter Tactics, nothing armored is safe from these guys. Arguably they are almost too killy, and might be better if the Sergeant took and Omniscope to let him take out a second target. He could also save some points by staying with Heavy Bolters and aim for infantry while his two buddies blast away at tanks and buildings. Slow and Purposeful means they don't have to be completely static.

After those very pricey guys, I'll add in a squad of Sternguard in a drop pod that the Captain can accompany. Five with no upgrades are still a decently formidable unit at 1k, without coming in too high on points.

Finally, for some AA, I'll throw in a Stalker. Not having interceptor severely limits these guys' usefulness, and honestly there probably won't be too many flyers at 1k, but any flyers that do come on should be in trouble. I really like the Hunter, but at least the Stalker has a high enough rate of fire (or twin linkage) to not be completely useless snap-firing at ground targets.

That gives me this list:

Terminator Captain: Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Auspex (155 pts)
5 Sternguard Veterans: Drop Pod (155 pts)
10 Tactical Marines: Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun (170 pts)
10 Tactical Marines: Heavy Bolter, Flamer (155 pts)
3 Centurion Devastators: TL Lascannons, Chest Missile Launchers, Omniscope (290 pts)
Stalker (75pts)

The list is definitely a little light, but should pack a pretty good punch. The Sternguard and Captain will drop in and cause a ruckus, with the Captain IDing a high priority target for the Centurions to nuke. Should the Sternguard and Captain survive the retailiation they face, they'll tie things up in the enemy zone while the Tac Squads split up and work to control the midfield. Probably not ideal, and could use some tweaks, but I think it has the right feel balancing disciplined Bolter fire with stalwart Siege-breaking units.

This should do it for the Space Marine Chapter List Builds, at least until I actually get around to fielding my own army of the Emperor's finest. Which was your favorite, which did I mess up or could have done better?

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