Wednesday, February 27, 2019

WIP Wednesday: Libby Dread and Completed Intercessors

In my last #WIPWednesday post (two weeks ago...), I talked about my rough schedule that I want to stick to in the coming weeks. Specifically, I called out wanting to finish a unit of Intercessors and have my Librarian Dreadnought finished as well for this week.

The astute among you may notice, that is not a completed Librarian Dreadnought

In what I can only describe as predictable fashion, I am already behind, having failed to complete the Librarian Dreadnought, and am in fact still blocking in parts of the base coats. However, I did have more success with my first week, completing the squad of Intercessors.

Last time, they were in this state, mostly blocked in, without too many details or depth added yet. The next step was finishing the last bits of blocking, namely the casings on the Bolt Rifles, and adding the lenses.

From there, I washed and highlighted the gray and silvers. Then, to cap them off, I finished the bases using Stirland Battlemire, some shaved pieces of an artificial cork, and tufts from Shadow's Edge

Finally, I added the symbols on the shoulder pads (and apparently forgot to take a photo).

From there, the plan ahead is to finish the Libby Dread, and then paint a Contemptor as well. After I finish up the dreadnoughts, the plan is to pivot into my Tyranids and paint a couple Venomthropes to kick off a push to have tournament lists for both my Blood Angels and Tyranids ready for a GT in May (either DeLaWarr or Warzone: Atomic Empire).

To close, let me know what you are working on and feel free to share some pics!

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