Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Cult Rises: Update 3: So Close, Yet So Far

Greetings Reader,

I am finishing up the first month of this yearlong journey and Ascension Day draws near. In just a little more than a week, the cults will be unleashed on the galaxy in the form of the Genestealer Cult codex and a bunch of new models.

Starting painting an army without a codex is definitely a new thing for me. Let's be honest, setting up a regular painting schedule is new to me as well; this blog isn't called "So we painted all our stuff, now what?" afterall.

I focused on the models that I had primed already as winter here in Minnesota doesn't create a lot of model priming opportunities without spraying in my house. Month one sees me with 19 painted models toward the army. Admittedly, I haven't gone full bore on the newest batch of acolytes; I'll leave that last batch of highlighting for the models if they make in to tourney armies.

I'm calling month one a success, even if it's not the sexy new models. As we spoke about in the most recent podcast, painting an army is as much grind as inspiration, and plowing through the numberless Neophytes and Acolytes of a Genestealer Cult collection can definitely feel like a grind at times. I definitely felt that grind this week and I think I was too aggressive with my personal weekly goal. I tried to knock out 10 models this week and I fell short, only completing four but the remaining six are not too far from done. I think the lesson here is to stick with my five models per week target at least until I get used to it. It always feels good to be able to show you all what I feel like is top notch work for me and this week I can't say that.

I was so close to adding these guys to the finished board. sharing my shame!

As I reflect on my goals for the year and how I want #thecultrises to shape the year, I decided that you will see all the off the cuff army list thoughts I have. When list submission time comes for the Renegade Open GT in November, I want to be able to look back and see how my tactics / thoughts / strategies / lists have changed as the year is evolved. With that in mind, I want to post this disclaimer- There might be times over the course of the year that you will get bad GSC tactical and list building advice so please chime in if you have different thoughts or if you agree with my thoughts as the year progresses.

I will be in Las Vegas next week for work travel and then soaking in the sights of one day of the LVO so I will have to adjust my goals to account for the lost travel time. This coming week I really only want to paint the Patriarch. In a fit of epic nerdery, I plan on bringing him to Vegas with me and working on him in the evenings. If that doesn't cement my status in some nerd hall of fame, I'm not sure what does. Goes to Vegas, paints Warhammer while there. My friends at are sending me my preorder of Starn's Disciples featuring the Gunslinger but that won't arrive to my house until about Feb. 6th. I can't wait to paint the Gunslinger the following week. It's going to be hard to manage painting the "chaff" units when all I want to do is paint all the new hotness.

Coming next week!

With that I will leave you for this week, I didn't quite hit the goal but I'm still happy with the progress. Part of this journey that we are going on is accountability and I'm not always going to do killer work or paint a ton of models but with every model #thecultrises.

Slowly and surely the cult swells in number. 

See you next Thursday from Las Vegas!

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