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LVO Top 8 Breakdown

Following up from yesterday's post, I'm going to take a quick look at the Top from the LVO, what armies are represented, and a stab at providing my bracket (as well as a bracket for you to make predictions until the round starts shortly).

You can also check out Frontline's breakdown here.

Starting out, just a quick breakdown of the guys who made top 8:

Brandon Grant
Dark Angels
Sean Nayden
Brett Perkins
Dan Platt
Carter Leach
William Abilez
Matt Root
Justin Curtis

We have three of the top eight lists including a heavy contingent of Daemons. Also, to note, six of the top 8 were 3-0-0 going into yesterday's games. Only Brett Perkins and Carter Leach made it to the top after having a draw on day one. Also, only Brandon Grant and Sean Nayden managed 6 wins in the first two days. 

Now, let's dive into the lists real quick (commence scrolling:

Brandon Grant - Dark Angels, Ministorum, and Space Wolves: 
  • Lions Blade Detachment:
    • Azrael
    • Company Master: Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Chain Fist
    • Chaplain: Bike, Melta Bombs
    • 2x5 Tacticals: Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
    • 2x5 Tacticals: Meltagun, Razorback
    • 2x5 Tacticals: Melta bomb, Razorback
    • 5 Assault Marines: Flamer, Razorback
    • 5 Assault Marines: 2 Flamers, Drop Pod
    • 2x5 Devastators: 1 Grav Cannon, Rhino
    • Dreadnought: TLHF, Powerfist w/Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod
    • 5 Scouts: Bolters
  • Ministorum Delegation:
    • Ministorum Priest: Litanies of Faith
  • Wolfin Formation
    • 4x10 Fenrisian Wolves
Sean Nayden - Eldar, Tau, and Sisters of Silence: 
  • Eldar Iyanden CAD
    • Farseer: Jetbike, Singing Spear
    • Farseer: Jetbike, Wraithforge Stone, Singing Spear
    • 2x3 Windrider Jetbikes: 2 Scatter Lasers
    • 3 Singing Spears: Exarch w/Star Lance
    • Warp Hunter
    • Nightspinner
    • Wraithknight: Ghostglaive and Shield, 2 Scatter Lasers, Warlord
    • Bunker: Escape Hatch
  • Riptide Wing:
    • Riptide: EWO, Advanced Targeting System
    • Riptide: EWO
    • Riptide: EWO, Velocity Tracker
  • Null Maiden Task Force:
    • 5 Sisters of Silence: Executioner Great Blades
Brett Perkins - Renegades and Daemons:
  • Renegades CAD:
    • Command Squad: Covenant of Nurgle, Ordinance Tyrant
    • 3 Artillery Carriage: Earthshaker
    • 2 Wyvern
    • Wyvern
    • 2x17 Plague Zombies
    • 4x1 Quad Mortar
    • 3x3 Rapier Laser Destroyers
    • Skyshield Landing Pad
  • Daemons CAD
    • Masque
    • Fateweaver
    • 2x10 Brimstones
    • 7 Screamers
  • Heralds Anarchic
    • HoT: Lvl3, Paradox, Disc
    • HoT: Lvl1, Exalted Reward, Disc
    • HoT: Lvl1
Dan Platt - Daemons, CSM:
  • Thousand Sons CAD
    • Sorceror: MoT
    • 2x10 Cultists: MoT
    • Magnus
  • Daemons CAD
    • Fateweaver (WL)
    • Masque
    • 10 Pink Horrors
    • 10 Brimstones
    • 7 Screamers
  • Heralds Anarchic:
    • HoT: Disc, Exalted
    • HoT: Disc, Locus of Trickery
    • HoT: Disc, Lvl3, Paradox
Carter Leach - Corsairs and Dark Eldar:
  • 2 Scalpel Squadrons
    • 4x5 Wracks: Ossefactor, Venom w/2 Splinter Cannons
  • Corsair Coterie
    • Prince: Reaper of the Outer Dark, Shadowfield, Void Sabre, Cloud Dancer w/Catapults"
    • Baron: Power Lance, Shadow Field, Cloud Dancer w/ Catapults
    • Baron: Shadowfield, Void Sabre, Cloud Dancer w/ Splinter Rifles
    • 2x Balestrike Band: 5 Corsairs w/Shuriken Cannons, Venom w/Splinter Cannon
    • 2x3 Cloud Dancers w/Splinter Cannon
    • 4x3 Cloud Dancers w/Shuriken Cannon
    • 2x1 Corsair Hornet: Kinetic Shroud
William Abilez - Tau (note - list approximated from Frontline's Article):
  • Farsight CAD:
    • Commander w/drones
    • Some Single Crisis Suit Teams
    • 2×2 Tetras
    • A Devilfish
    • 2x Skyrays
    • Stormsurge
  • Riptide Wing:
    • Triptide w/ 2x Burst Cannons, 1 Ion Cannon
Matt Root - War Convocation and Librarius Conclave:
  • War Convocation:
    • Dominus: Conversion Field, Digital Weapons, Eradication ray, Infoslave Skull, Macrostubber, Scryerskull Perspicatus
    • Servitor w/Plasma Cannon
    • 2x3 Destroyers: Cognis Flamer, Heavy Grav Cannon
    • Dunecrawler: Cognis Heavy Stubber, Cognis Manipulator, Icarus Array, Mindscanner Probe
    • 5 Infiltrators: Flechette Blasters and Taser Goads, Princeps w/ Conversion Field, Digital Weapons, Infoslave Skull, and The Phase Taser
    • 5 Ruststalkers: Transonic Razor, Chordclaw, and Mindscrambler Grenades, Princeps w/Conversion Field, Digital Weapons, Prehensile Dataspike, and the Omnicient Mask
    • 5 Rangers: Ominspex, 2 Plasma Caliver, Alpha w/Arc Maul, Arc Pistol Phospenix, Conversion Field, Digital Weapons
    • 5 Vanguard: Omnispex, 2 Plasma Caliver, Alpha w/Arc Maul, Pater Radium, Conversion Field, Digital Weapons
    • 5 Dragoons: Phospor Serpentas
    • Knight Crusader: Rapid Fire Battle Cannon, 1 Meltagun, Stormspear Rocket Pod
  • Librarius Conclave:
    • 3x1 Librarian: Lvl1, Force Axe, 1 Auspex
Justin Curtis - Daemons and Chaos Space Marines: 
  • Thousand Sons CAD:
    • Sorceror: MoT, Force Axe, Melta Bombs, VotLW
    • 2x10 Cultist: MoT
    • Magnus
    • VSG: 3 Shields
  • Daemons CAD:
    • Fatey
    • 2x10 Brimstones
    • 7 Screamers
  • Heralds Anarchic:
    • HoT: Exalted, Disc, Lvl3
    • HoT: Paradox, Disc, Lvl3
    • HoT: Disc, Lvl1
So there's your top 8 lists. Only one Librarius Conclave in the lot, but with them, four lists you would expect summoning from. On the other hand, two of the lists have no psykers at all. Half of the lists have a deathstar, and three of them are Screamer-stars. 

With that, the last thing is to make predictions. I've set up a Challonge bracket for you to make your own if you want (for a short time). 

I've made my predictions, with some "upsets" in the bracket, and Sean Nayden taking home a second championship in his third straight finals appearance. I say "upsets" like that because at this level the players are extremely evenly matched and I would be hard pressed to say any single game is better than a 55/45 split, if that. 

So, what are your predictions, and who do you have winning it all? Fill out your Challonge bracket or comment below!

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