Monday, August 8, 2016

FTGT Showcase - Warhound Titan

I just recently completed this absolutely awesome "miniature" commission: a Warhound Titan. This was an absolute monster of a project and I'm really happy with the final result.

The client requested a scheme to mesh with his Flesh Tearers army, so the scheme is a deep red with blacks and dark metals. A couple points of contrast like on the shin-pads and other "stone-work" aquilas and skulls add some pop, as well as the heat effects on the weaponry, clear evidence of these weapons unleashing the energies of a small sun.


The weapon arms are magnetized, as is the head and upper body for the sake of transport. Used some of the biggest and strongest magnets I've ever seen to make it sturdy and I'm happy with it; I had some concerns that it wouldn't be stable/strong enough to push around the board without things falling off, but fortunately I was able to use enough that it is sturdy as a rock.

We opted for a base to add some stability to the model, and it is definitely sturdy. To add some interest I took the building set from a Knight Renegade box and had him stepping onto a ruin that happened to be in his way. The client is still debating his army's basing scheme overall so asked to leave it be until he decides that. I painted the base a nice deep brown that will provide a good base color for just about any basing scheme he lands on.

Thanks for checking this bad-boy out, and keep on the lookout for some of the other really cool projects I'm working on. Also check-out my twitch channel and join me as I work on projects. I try to stream once or twice a day during the week, so jump in the chat and say hello!

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