Monday, February 1, 2016

Wait, 2015 is Over? Surely this isn't Another 2016 Goals Post is it?

Hey Everyone, BeeCee here once again,

As usual, I'm really late with a hobby recap/goals for 2016 post. I would be concerned with this but I don't think I've ever hit a deadline on the blog before and I am certainly not going to start right now.
So let's talk 2015. I'm pretty sure I had a list of goals that included having less unpainted 40k stuff than I had the year before. I'm pretty sure I failed that miserably as I have two new unfinished armies that I added to the roster in 2015, the Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar.

One of my goals was to have fun. I crushed that goal, but having a goal to have fun in a hobby/tabletop game should be a gimme goal anyways. I did learn a powerful lesson in 2015 thanks to the GW release schedule and the power scale in the game, I definitely don't take things so seriously anymore.

There was a time I could get a little bit fired up when talking about things like game balance and the meta but I must say, when you are more go with the flow in 40k, you seem to enjoy it more.

I'm sure I had a painting/hobby goal that I did not hit either. I've noticed with a salary job and a family including two small children, it become unrealistic to get to the hobby table every day. Those days where I do get to hobby, it comes at the price of things like lost sleep. That being said, I feel that in many ways my painting turned a corner. I finally got the skin on my Nids where I want it to be and feel like I've knocked out some really solid looking space marine and eldar models.

I know I said I wanted to write more blog posts as well. The most certainly didn't happen. I suck at this! I hope it will get better, we shall see.

So now that I have highlighted the complete hobby failure that 2015 was. (the only goal I "passed" was having fun and if you don't have fun, why even do this?) Let's talk about 2016.

Surely I will refocus to make 2016 the most productive hobby year ever to make up for 2015's failings right? Wrong! I want to take a step back in the hobby this year and get back to just having fun. I want to have realistic goals for the hobby in 2016.

My friends love to give me a hard time because when I prep for tourneys/paint for tourneys I create elaborate painting schedules with deadlines to finish units/models. I pretty much never make them and just having them makes my painting life so much more stressful. Once I fall behind, I'm more concerned with how I am going to catch up instead of enjoying painting a unit. In 2016 that will change. I am holding myself to no set goals and want to allow for the inspiration to strike more often.

So many times this past year I would get the urge to paint a unit but it wasn't part of the army I was currently working on so I never did that. This year I am going to paint for the love of the hobby and that means if I jump around form army to army while I do so, that's just fine.

Another thing I am focusing on is assembling models where assembly doesn't make the models impossible to paint. I want to get this stuff on the table and play it. If that means playing with more grey models, so be it. I'd rather play with grey models vs. not playing those models at all.

So if you made it this far, thanks for taking the time for me to rant about my hobby failings and epiphanies. If I can keep just one person from making a BC painting schedule, I have done my job.

2016: hobby within your means! Both with your financial investment as well are you expectations for how much/well you will paint or how well you will do at a tournament or what not.

Until next time, grab your board and surf that Grey Tide!

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