Friday, July 19, 2013

Farsight Enclaves Codex Supplement Review

Well, it's here, the second supplement Codex release of 6th Edition, this time the Tau get some love. 

For those of you hoping for big rules changes, you shouldn't be too disappointed. Farsight Enclave armies can take Crisis suits as troops, and must take at least one unit of three as such. Units that can take a bonding knife also must take the upgrade. They also get some new warlord traits and a few cool wargear items. Tau and Farsight enclaves are treated as battle brother allies. Finally, if you take Farsight, you cannot take the normal bodyguard, but instead can add members of The Eight, seven new character suits listed in the appendix, which include an IC Riptide and an IC Broadside

One of the Eight
The Appendix contains rules for each of The Eight, who are the heroes of the fluff: Farsight and I presume his seven friends/lieutenants. Each of the characters, including the one in the illustration above, have their wargear preselected for them. By far, the riptide had the most unique features, including a non-fire caste pilot, who is even worse than normal in combat, but he gets some cool shooting and Nova buffs. This upgrade is actually available as a unique signature system (normal signature systems are not an option for regular suits/commanders in the Farsight Enclave)

I'm curious how often and how updates will be handled considering I spotted a pretty big error in my very quick skim - the character following the Riptide character has the wargear and special rules of the riptide listed below his profile, even though he is in an iridium Crisis suit. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the rules changes, and am looking forward to giving this a more in depth read this weekend.

Addendum: I have a Kindle and have been fighting with this and the eBook of the rules to get them over. Essentially, Amazon prevents files of this size, the Mobi files Black Library has given are over 50MB. I have managed to find a workaround for the Farsight Enclaves, but so far am unsuccessful with the main rules. Just a warning for those planning on using a Kindle to read these - it's not easy.

Addendum 2: I got the Main Rules to work by taking the ePub download from Black Library and then using this website to convert it to mobi, which results in a trimmed down file, just under 50MB

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