Monday, March 17, 2014

Dark Star Part II- Games 3-5

Hey everyone,

BeeCee here once again to finish my recaps from my games at DarkStar. Where we last left our fearless hero (that's me if you didn't read the last update), I was 1-1 coming off a Mike Tyson-esqe beating at the hands of quadruple riptide Tau.

Next up I was facing Wes Szmaglik's beautifully painted multi-wing Dark Angels (Wes would take 3rd best painted army). The mission was called "The slaughter will never end" and it had a crazy special rule that any non-vehicle/non-hq unit that was destroyed would re-enter play at the end of your movement phase of the following turn. You could score up to three extra victory points by destroying a unit twice.
Here are Wes's beautiful Ravenwing Black Knights and his Deathwing terminators.

There was a main objective in the center of the board as well as two player placed objectives. I won the roll and took first turn.
My deployment. 
The first two turns went without major excitement. I spread my gaunts out in my deployment zone to help prevent a turn one Deathwing assault that could have crippled some of my fragile support units such as Venomthropes or Biovores. My Crones flew off the board at the top of turn two in order to be in a great place to deal with Wes's Jetfighter when it came on.

The game became a slugfest and I felt like I had the upper hand, mainly due to the amount of bodies that were on the table. Then due to a combination of Wes's sneakiness and my boneheadedness, I left the door open for him late game. I killed a bike unit and the Ravenwing Black Knights both on the top of turn three. That meant Wes was going to get two fast, hard hitting units back at full strength right at the end of the game.
My hold on the all important center objective was tentative at best.
I was not able to hold the middle and Wes was able to contest it and snatch the victory! It was a great game, probably my favorite of the tourney as it was hard fought and a great time. Once again I could not kill a land raider!

So sitting at 1-2 at the end of day 1. I would need a strong showing at the end! Game four was versus Jacob Lindfors and his Tau army. He had massed crisis suits and a couple of riptides. The key mission objective was to mark a unit for termination and kill it for three victory points and move one of your units into each table quarter over the course of the game. I picked Jacob's Fire Warriors and he picked my 20 man strong termagant squad. (the unit marked was done in secret but Jacob told me his target so in the interest of fairness I told him mine).

Sadly, the pictures I took from this game didn't turn out very well. To recap, I was able to hold on to the win from first blood, we both achieved our other objectives. Some of the highlights include my flyrant absolutely murdering crisis suit but Jacob returning the favor with twin-link flamer fun on my termagants. He actually killed 17 hormagaunts with just 3 crisis suits due to flamer pain shenanigans!

This set up a game five showdown with Brenden's Black Templar and another friggin' Land Raider!
The wave of Tyranids holds back the Templar advance.
My game with Brenden featured the hottest dice I have ever had in any 40k game to date. I purchased a new set of dice the night before and I was agonizing tempting lady luck by switching dice in the middle of a tourney. Well Lady Luck gave me a big ol' kiss right on the lips for this game! I think I passed 15/16 grounding checks for for flying monstrous creatures over the course of the game.

To add insult to injury, Brenden had about the worst dice you can have in a game and not get tabled. It was one of those games where the dice were favoring me so much that I almost felt bad. Brenden was a good sport and it was an enjoyable game even if he wanted to punch me in the face every time I passed a grounding check.

It was an enjoyable tourney for me and the bug has bitten me extremely hard. I am already making plans to bring my Eldar to the Renegade Open in November.

A little bit later this week I will do a unit recap for how each unit performed in the tourney overall for me. Stay tuned!