Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Painting up a Mini Titan

There's a New Mini I am proud to be the owner of even though he is slightly undersized, slightly over matched, and slightly outdated.  Everyone that plays Warhammer 40k has at sometime or another gone onto the mythical Forge World and looked at one of the Titans with an awe and respect that could only be matched by the Adeptus Mechanicus.  I have always dreamed of owning one but could never justify buying one.  That was until I started researching an out of date game called Epic: Armageddon.  It is basically a game designed around large scale battles at a very tiny scale.  So small that the Imperial Titans, the mechanical behemoths that obliterate everything, are about the size of a Dreadnought/Terminator.

Well I got my hands on an Imperial Warlord Titan.  I got him off Ebay, and I had to admit I had a smile on my face looking at him in the box.  He is unpainted, unassembled, and just waiting to be given a home and a fun face lift.  Plus it was a lot of fun telling some of my friends I had a Titan, only to reveal he was of slightly smaller stature.  But this post is about magnetizing him, giving him the paint job of the Iron Hands legion (only because the Iron Hands would appreciate him more than the Space Wolves would), and figuring out how I could use him as a Proxy unit.

The First thing is that this is an awesome miniature, even though it is metal and not plastic. He looks good, and it is a little challenging deciding what to magnetize.  I decided to go ahead and magnetize both arms in the underneath joint, as well as his head.  I used 1/16 inch magnets in the joint and on the arm top.  I also used the same magnets on the head and the inside joint hole.

After seeing how my Iron Hands Priest turned out.  I decided to go with a lighter color combo, and use Ice Blue, Grey, and Chaos Black at a Ratio of 1:1:2 to give a Grey, Blue, Black color that would show an ancient walking behemoth.  I started with a watered down base and painted almost everything that had the armor plating.  Then I went over the areas that are going to be a different color with a Ironbreaker / Gunmetal color.  I decided that all of the wires would be combinations of Blood Red and Ironbreaker Grey.  I mixed these at a 2:1 ratio of Red to Grey to give it a Bright yet hazy look.  I then made some "cooling" wires that were 2:1 ratio of Ice Blue to Gunmetal.

After getting everything highlighted, I went over everything with a wash of Nulin Oil and then highlighted the edges with Chaos Black, and all of the colored areas with either Blood Red or Ice Blue.  After going over all the highlight areas, I hit all of the metal rivets and most of the gun parts with either Bronze, Gold, or Silver (Depending on area).  I hit the eyes with Ice Blue and a quick dry brush of Long Beard Grey over all of the model to give it a rough Iced Look.

I have to say, the mini Titan has definitely taken on the look of the mighty Iron Hands, and I love the look and Feel.  The only thing left is to base the model and actually get the symbols of the might Iron Hands on it.  Now to finish off the rest of them and I will be set.

One Iron Hands Titan, Ready for Action