Monday, March 10, 2014

Bat Rep: 1,000 Pts Space Wolves vs. Tyranids

It was time for the local monthly tournament. With it being a college town and the weekend of Spring Break, it was mostly locals, many of whom decided it was a good opportunity to bring some different and marginally crazy lists. There was a triple-riptide list, a dual wraithknight list, a dual Imperial Knight list, and a dual heldrake list to name a few. Round 1 saw me matched up against Will and his Space Wolves. The mission was Crusade with 5 objectives, board edge deployment, and night fighting round 1.


Will's list was a little different than previous incarnations and used a Void Shield Generator as the basis.

Rune Priest: Bike
Rune Priest: Bike
5 Grey Hunters: Flamer
5 Grey Hunters: Flamer
6 Long Fangs: 5 Missile Launchers, flamer, Razorback w/Lascannon and TL Plasmagun
6 Long Fangs: 5 Missile Launchers, flamer, Razorback w/Lascannon and TL Plasmagun
Void Shield Generator: 3 total shields

My list was a slight adaptation of my half of my 1,850 list:

Hive Tyrant: 2 TL Devourers, Catalyst, Dominion
Zoanthrope: Dominion
Tervigon: Paroxysm
30 Termagants: 20 Devourers
Hive Crone

Will won the roll for deployment and chose to deploy first. His Longfangs went on two levels of a ruin right in front of the void shield, while the Razorbacks were deployed at the edges of the Void Shields. The Grey Hunters were deployed back, and the Rune Priests were a little forward. I chose to keep the Tervigon, Crone, and Flyrant in reserve, and deployed the gants across my front, with the exocrine and zoan toward the back in the middle. I chose to not attempt to seize.

In the top of the turn, everyone but the longfangs shuffled forward but stayed inside the shields. The rune priests attempted to cast Jaws at the Exocrine, who denied one and passed the initiative test on the other. Fire from the longfangs bounced off the shrouded coversave of the exocrine. The grey hunters killed a couple termagants. In the bottom of the turn, with only one thing that could hurt the shields, I chose to forgo shooting and just ran everything forward, though I kept the exocrine behind the ruin to keep a 4+ cover save from all those missiles.

In the top of turn two, Will more or less stayed put, with one Razorback moving out of the shields to close with its plasma. One Razorback killed the zoanthrope, while remaining fire was largely directed at the exocrine, who shrugged all of it off with the help of the building.

In the bottom of the turn, all of my reserves arrived, which was key. I also managed to pass my Instinctive Behavior checks. The hive tyrant and exocrine combined to take down the shields and cause a single wound on one rune priest. The termagants aimed for the warlord rune priest, who was gunned down by weight of fire. The crone destroyed the gun on the razorback closest to it.

In turn 4, two shields regenerated. The grey hunters moved out and were unable to ground the flyrant, despite the longfangs chipping in as well. Time was being called and we opted not to really roll the dice for the bottom of the turn - I would get linebreaker with a flyer, and had warlord and 3 objectives, to none for Will.

Result: 11-1 Victory for the Tyranids.