Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dark Angel Librarian - Painting

What's up everyone?  So one of my more recent projects out of Wolf Works has led to me acquiring a Dark Angels Librarian (Try to guess the Project).  Last night I had a couple of hours to paint and decided to work on the Librarian from the Dark Vengeance Starter Set.  I have to say that this is a pretty cool looking model.
Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance

I like the look of him, but I realized that I wanted to give him a unique feel, one that was a little bit different from the standard Mini above.  Since I am working on a model from the Ravenwing as well, I decided to go ahead and roll with the Darker, black, Pre-Heresy look.
My First step was to prime this bad boy.  I used a couple drops of water along with Abaddon Black to give a nice Black undercoat (he is Ravenwing after all).  I did two light coats to fill in all of the different parts of the model (giving me a darker undertone to all the colors).  

As you can see, Very Dark
I then started to go over different parts of the model with a significantly lighter color.  Starting with the Robes, I did a Ulthuan Grey / drop of Abaddon Black / water mixture to go over all of the Robes.  I did this because of the Ravenwing connection as well as I thought it looked cool.  After hitting all of the Robes, I then started in on the Metal coverings.  All of the Skulls, the Sword, the Metal covering over the Hood, and every other metal part (including the keys) got a layer of Ulthuan Grey / Dawnstone / water to give it a brighter metallic look.  The Face got a layer of Cadian Fleshtone / water.  I then hit the Aquilla with Gehenna's Gold with a light touch of Auric Armour Gold.  

The Pages of the book and the Protection Writs got a highlight of Ulthuan Grey / Water while the crest got Blood Red / water highlight.  The last part needed was the random bits on the legs that I did in Brass Scorpion.  With all of the layers on, I hit the Black with Nulin Oil, and the face, writs, and Robes with Seraphim Sepia.  After letting everything dry, I went over the right shoulder pad in Warpstone Glow as well as the Dark Angel Crest on the Front.  I hit the eye with Ice Blue as well as the runes on the sword.  The Book and leather pouch got Snakebite Leather. 

After letting everything dry, I did a light dry brush of Praxeti White on most of the model leaving a light dry brushing of Longbeard Grey on all of the Shinny Silver metal.  Here is what the model looks like after all is said and done.

Let me know what you think as I am trying to grow as a painter.  I know the lighting for the pictures isn't the best, but when I get my actual camera working, I will take better shots for an update.