Friday, March 7, 2014

Codex: Imperial Knights

With the initial White Dwarf behind us, and the Official Codex out, let all of the fun begin.  First off I would like to say that this is the Red Pill, this is the first step down the Rabbit Hole.  The Codex that is made of nothing but Super Heavies is out, so let the discussions begin.

Before that though, lets break this bad boy down.

Introducing Codex:  Imperial Knights

Okay this post is looking over the good parts.  The fluff will come in another post, but this is a quick and in depth review of the Godliness that is Imperial Knights.

Knights are classified as Super Heavy Walkers and the Follow all of the Rules for Walkers as described in the 40k Rulebook, with some exceptions. They can move 12" in the movement phase unless otherwise stated, and it can fire all of its weapons in the shooting phase at different targets. They can't overwatch and they can fire an ordnance weapon and still fire all others.

They lose a hull point for each glance and penetrating hit, but they ignore all effects except for explode which removes D3 hull points. Once all hull points are gone, there is Catastrophic Damage and it explodes. A large blast is centered where the model was and then scatters. The Marker can be different Strength and AP according to a Table.

Catastrophic Damage Table - D6
(Strength is based upon distance Under the Blast Marker, 2.5" - 5" from the center of the marker, and third value for 5" to 7.5" from Center. An Apocalyptic Mega Blast Marker works better. AP works in the same manner)

1.  Explosion -   S D/4/2     AP 2/4/6   --  Not too bad, but can still do some major damage.

2-3 Devastating Explosion -  S  D/8/4    AP  2/3/5  -- Okay, this one is going to really hurt.

4-6 Titanic Explosion -    S  D/10/5    AP   2/3/4   --  Alright, Everything is going to die (50% of the time).

And the best part is that against vehicles, it is hitting Side Armor. You are allowed cover saves, but it is based from the center of the blast marker.

These guys can also stomp in combat.  The Stomp attack is made in addition to normal attacks. D3 Stomps are made at Initiative 1 with no additional Pile In. The 1st attack is a blast marker in contact with the Base of the Knight, with subsequent markers placed within 3" of the last blast marker, meaning you can stomp through a force. The only ones not affected by stomps are Buildings, Flyers, Swooping Flying MCs, Gargantuan Creatures, Flying GCs, Super Heavy Vehicles, Super Heavy Walkers, and Super Heavy Flyers.

Stomp Table -

1.   Non Vehicle - No Effect      Vehicle No Effect.   Basically you survive.....for now.

2-5.   Non Vehicle - S6 AP4 hits (Looking for some good Saves).    Vehicle -  Penetrating hit (yup, AV14 Doesn't matter).

6.    Non Vehicle - removed from play.  (Looks like everything will die here.)    Vehicle - Scatters D6" and then explodes.  (Looks like it is just moving through killing everything.)

Special Rules - 

Knights have Fear, Hammer of Wrath, Move through Cover, Relentless, Smash, and Strikedown.  It is an Invincible Behemoth.

Destroyer Weapon - (No Saving Throws of any Kind are allowed.  Feel No Pain and Necron Reanimation Protocols do not work with these hits.)

1.   Non Vehicle - unharmed      Vehicle/Building - Penetrating Hit

2-5.   Non Vehicle - D3+1 Wounds      Vehicle/Building -  Super Heavy Vehicle loses D3+1 Hull Points, Vehicles suffer Explosion and Buildings Suffer Detonation Result

6.   Non Vehicle - D6+6 wounds      Vehicle/Building - same as 2-5 except Super Heavies lose D6+6 Hull Points

Basically the D weapon is going to unload everything it has and take you out.


Primary Detachment - You may take Knights as your primary detachment and if you do, you can include 3-6 Knights.  The Detachment must include a Knight Warlord who you choose and becomes a Seneshal as described below and roll on the Warlord Table.  All other Knights can roll on a Title table that, on a 1, subtracts 1 from BS, WS, and Ion Shield Save, but on a 6 adds 1.

Allied Detachment - If you choose an Imperial Knight Allied Detachment, they can be added in addition to a standard allied detachment.  An Imperial Knight Allied Detachment includes up to 3 Knights of Any Type.

Allies - The Chart Below shows who can Ally with Knights.  Basically Sisters of Battle, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, Legion of the Damned, Space Marines, and Space Wolves are all Battle Bothers.  Eldar and Grey Knights are Allies of Convenience, and Tau and Dark Eldar are Desperate Allies. The Rest are come the Apocalypse.

Warlord Traits -

1.  Master of the Hunt - Knight Warlord and all friendly Imperial Knights within 12" of him add 1 to the result when rolling the distance they Run or Charge.  Okay Right off the Bat, this power can step up and get your D Weapon CCW into the fight so you can start running ramshackle over your opponent.

2.  Fearsome Reputation - Enemy Units within 12" of the Knight Warlord must use Their Lowest Leadership Value, not the highest.  Once again, pinning Checks, Fear Checks, everything is using their lowest leadership for all of these tests.  Now if it affects everything from Psychic checks to Pinning Checks, this will be an incredible rule.

3.  Master of the Joust - The Knight Warlord re-rolls failed To Hit rolls in any Assault phase in which he successfully charges into close combat.  Pretty straightforward, the warlord will pretty much plow through anything he charges.

4.  Master of the Field - The Knight Warlord and up to D3 friendly Imperial Knights have the Outflank Special Rule.  Okay 2 to 4 Knights stepping in from the Side Battlefield, well, be ready.  A S9 Melta Blast and D weapon might be in your near future.

5.  Master of Siege - The Knight Warlord and all friendly Imperial Knights within 12" of him add 1 to rolls they make on the Building Damage Table.  So Basically Turn to page 94 in the BRB and go to town on some Fortifications from a distance, or up close.

6.  Indomitable - The Knight Warlord has the It Will Not Die Special Rule.  Basically everything hull point of damage you do to this guy, he might be getting back, and combine that with some allies, and you have a Leader that simply will stand the test of time, or at least should.

The only options for the knights themselves are the same two as were presented in the White Dwarf.

Now the Ion shield is cool because it is a 4+ Invulnerable save.  Once a Knight is Deployed and subsequently at the start of each of the opposing side's shooting phases, the Knight Player chooses which facing side the Ion Shield is covering.  This is only used in shooting attacks (no use in melee) and it stays in place until the opponents next shooting attacks.

So that is what you were looking for.  This is an awesome Codex with a lot of back story, incredible models, and an interesting way of taking the future of the game going forward.

Knights Away!