Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Lizardmen Limited Edition Review

This last weekend saw the release of the servants of the Old Ones:  The LIZARDMEN.  This is the only fantasy army that I play and as such I went all out and bought the Limited Edition Codex.  I am thoroughly excited to get this codex, see what models and pictures are in there, and most importantly the new signature powers for the Priests.

So without further interruption, I present Warhammer: Lizardmen.

First let me say that I was pleasently surprised by the art work quality on the front cover jacket.  The Saurus Warrior with the Shield and Hand Sword is awesome.  It is a beautiful picture and gives that unique feel I have come to expect from the servants of the Old Ones.  The Back Cover is awesome.

You can see the mighty hero Kroq-Gar riding his mount Grymloq.  It looks like it is coming through the mist leading an army to take on the Chaos Warriors.  When the jacket is removed, you are given an amazing cover that looks like the hide of a Lizardmen with a nice glyph, golden edged pages, and the texture kind of feels like a lizard hide.

The Jacket itself folds out to show an awesome mural of the Lizardmen horde taking on the Chaos Warriors.

They did a great job with the inside pages showing a lot of detail and history about how the Lizardmen came to be, the history and make up of Lizardman society, the Great Catastrophe, and the war against Chaos.  It talks about the Isolation of the Lizardmen after the war with Chaos, the coming of the hated Skaven and Humans, and the history and purpose of each of the cities.  It also gives an incredible map of the Lizardmen kingdom.

The special rules for the Lizardmen include Cold Blooded (roll 3D6 and take lowest 2), Predatory Fighter (roll of a 6 in close combat makes another Attack as normal and can only test to restrain pursuit if a Skink character is within 6" of unit), and Aquatic (Marshland Strider and River Strider, claim bonus when in Marshland and Rivers, and if 50% of unit in Marshland or River, enemies shooting suffer a -1 to hit).

Now to the fun part, the units:  The Slann Mage Priest is a Level 4 Wizard using Lore of High Magic or one of the 8 Lores of Battle Magic.  He has a 4+ ward Save, 5 wounds, and a Leadership of 9.  Combine with the fact he has a special rule where he can pick two friendly wizards with the special rule Telepathic Confabulation can exchange spells.  He also re-rolls failed Dangerous Terrain Tests and are never considered on foot for purposes of spells, magic items, and special rules.

The Saurus Warriors are pretty good in close combat with a WS 3, S and T of 4 and a 5+ save.  The Leaders however are WS 5/6 depending on Scar-Veteran/Oldblood as well as a pletera of attacks 4/5 and wounds 2/3.  Cold One Riders are pretty incredible because the riders have a +2 armour save bonus because of their mounts.  The Temple Guard are awesome at protecting their Slann Mages because of automatically passing Look Out, Sir rolls and if they are in base contact with a Mage-Priest they have the Fear special rule as well as being Stubborn and Immune to Psychology.  

The Troglodon is the new mount and has some interesting rules.  The Skink Oracle Rider and Troglodon are one unit so if the Troglodon is removed the Rider is gone as well.  The two can attack seperate opponents that they are in base contact with using their own profiles and if attacked back, it is against the Troglodon (AWESOME).  The Troglodon also has the Poisoned attack special rule while the Oracle can be channeled through by another Priest.  Also once per battle the Troglodon can release a roar that gives all friendly units within 12" with the special rule Predatory Fighter gain additional attacks on a 5 or 6 instead of a 6.

Skinks that are now in base to base with a Kroxigor gain the Fear Special rule   Units shooting at Chameleon skinks suffer a -1 to hit when shooting (missiles unaffected).  Kroxigors also have gained another type called a Kroxigor ancient that has a Bonus to Attacks only.  Jungle Swarms have poisoned attacks and if they are in base to base with an enemy unit they give poisoned attacks special rule to all attacks directed at that unit (yup, Saurus warriors in base contact with a unit attacked by a swarm get poisoned attacks?). 

The Terradon and Ripperdactyl riders have nice shiny models while also having some cool rules.  Terradons have Fear and Forest Strider while also being able to drop Rocks once per game during the Remaining Moves sub phase.  They can also be upgraded to have Fireleech Bolas that are flaming attacks at S4.  Ripperdactyls have Killing Blow, Frenzy, and Fear along with Toad Rage.  Toad Rage happens after Scouts have deployed, a single marker is placed on an enemy unit and remains throughout the battle.  He gives D3+1 attacks and they get to re-roll all failed to hit rolls.

The Stegadons have the regular and Ancient models.  The Weapons are still the same with the Giant Bow, Giant Blowpipes, and the Engine of the Gods.  The Ancient Stegadon also gives a 6+ ward save to itself and all friendly units within 6".  Burning Alighnment is a neat ability with a power level 3 spell that does direct damage to every enemy unit within 4D6" causing D6 S4 hits with Flaming Attacks special rule as if it were shooting (DANG).

The Salamanders and Razordons haven't really changed much but the Bastiladon is the new bad boy on the field.  The Bastiladon has one attack (out of his attack profile) called a Thunderous Bludgeon that is S10 and recieves a +1 to Hit bonus against models in the creature's rear arc.  The Ark of Sotek adds one base to the swarm unit if within 6" at end of friendly turn, and has a shooting attack of D6" range doing 2D6 S2 hits distributed as for shooting (can be used even if it has marched, charged, or is engaged in CC).  The Solar Engine gives a +1 Initiative bonus to all units within 6" of the Bastiladon if they have the Cold Blooded special rule.  It also has the Beam of Chotec that is a magic missile attack with a 24" range that if successful has different number of hits at different strengths that are all Flaming Attacks.

The Carnosaurs can bring a Frenzy that is immediate if it causes an unsaved wound, it has a Roar that causes the enemy to roll an additional D6 (discarding the lowest result) on Leadership roles testing Fear and Terror from the beast and can also get the Swiftstride special rule (as an upgrade).  

With that, that is all of the normal units.  Now it is time for the Special Characters.

Kroq-Gar and his mount Grymloq are pretty nasty in close combat.  If Kroq-Gar is killed, Grymloq goes into a frenzy and passes his Monster Reaction test automatically.  Kroq-Gar also has two magic items with one containing the spell Shem's Burning Gaze and the Revered Spear of Tlanxla that causes 2 unsaved wounds when calculating combat results for all unsaved wounds caused by the weapon in addition to giving Kroq-Gar a +1 strength bonus if mounted when he charges.

Lord Kroak and Lord Mazdamundi are back.  Lord Kroak has only one spell that targets all enemy units in 12" doing 2D6 S4 hits.  In addition if the target is Daemonic, Undead, or Nehekharan Undead, it suffers 3D6 hits and can extend it out to 18" and 24" increasing the Cast power needed as well.  He has plenty of bonus rules since he is the longest "living" Slann.  Lord Mazdamundi rides in on his Stegadon mount Zlaaq with 4 disciplines, a mace that has Always Strikes First and Poisoned attack, and a magic standard that adds -1 to hit penalties to all units shooting at him or any friendly unit within 12".

Gor-Rok and Chakax are two monsters of close combat.  Gor-Rok has abilites to survive attacks that would normally crush other models, he re-rolls all failed to hit rolls, and he causes units that charges and ends in base contact at the end of the movement phase must take a Dangerous terrain test at a -1 penalty.  Chakax must make challenges when possible as well as re-rolling failed rolls to hit when in a challenge.  He also forces models to revel all magic items when in base contact (which he can destroy the items if the unit is wounded), and enemy scouts cannot deploy within 20" of him (as well as hidden models must be announced when they are within 20" (I see you Rats).  The last ability is that he has 5+ ward save and his opponent gains the Always Strikes Last special rule.

Tehenhauin makes a return as a Level 3 Wizard, immune to poison, ability to join Jungle Swarms, can give all Skinks, Skirmishers, Terradon Riders, and Ripperdactyl Riders the hatred of Skaven special rule, and two magic items that give Poisoned Special attaks and a 5+ ward save.  Tetto'eko is a new Level 2 Wizard with the Lore of Heavens, he rolls a D6 at the beginning of each Friendly Magic phase and on a 1 all Friendly Wizards must re-roll any power dice that is a 6 but on a 2-6 all friendly wizards must re-roll power dice rolls of a 1.  He's got a 5+ ward save and 2 magic items that give D3 friendly units Vanguard special roll and can re-roll the dice at the start of the magic phase if the Comet of Casandora is cast.

Oxyotl and Tiktaq'To are back and little has changed between these two special characters from the last codex.  

The Disciplines of the Old Ones are back which give the ability to save one unused power dice and possibly use it the next magic phase, subtract one or add one to the result instead of accepting the original result, re-roll failed dispel attempts each magic phase, know the signature spell for each of the eight lores, roll two additional dice whenever he attempts to channel power or dispel dice, give terror, roll a D6 for each wound lost and one a roll of a 6 he gets a single wound back, Magic Restance (X) where x is the result of a D3, Loremaster special rule, and has Ethereal and Unstable special rule and cannot join units.  The discipline where rolls of 6 where lost is gone, but the new ones seem to be just as powerful and helpful as before.  

The Lore of High Magic:

Contemplations is the lore attribute and gives Lizardmen the ability to re-roll for a new spell at the end of the magic phase if the spell they cast was successful.  The two signature spells are nasty including one that is an augment or hex spell that removes all remains in play spells affecting the unit (enemy and friendly) and dispells all other spells on the target unit.  It can be increased to include all units friendly and enemy within 18". The other is a magic missile attack doing 2D6 S4 hits or 4D6 S4 hits at an increased cast level.  The remaining spells are a mix of powerful effects ranging from giving Etheral and extra movement to a unit or destroying magic items from enemy characters.

There is a plethora of magical items and to go through them here would take too long.  So look for my next post were I am going to take my current army and modify it looking at the magical weapons, banners, and items.

Needless to Say:  The Lizardmen are back (if they ever left).  I think that the models definitely bring a variety to the table and are now more diverse thanks to a couple of bad ass monsters.  I can't wait to get my Lizards up and running and more importantly, I think the Lizards will be back to their ability to do a lot of different roles well.