Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tyranid Rumors and Mawloc Project Updates

For today I only have a small painting update. After the update I figure I will also address some of the Tyranid rumors floating around and weigh in a little. 


Another night of painting and I managed to finish the carapace with a bit of Evil Sunz Scarlet.

From there, I moved on to the fleshy bits, which are Putrid Green. The larger sections - maw and tongue mostly, got a black wash, a highlight of Putrid Green, and then a final highlight of Putrid Green and white. I added a bit too much drying retarder and ended up essentially wet-blending parts.

That was as far as I got for the night. The next step will be to repaint all the black sections black, since the Primer isn't exactly black. I should have done this first and airbrushed the entire mini in black, but that's only with 20/20 hindsight.
With the head straight up, he's not going to be missing much if any height.
As posted over at BoLS, this is their list of rumors for a Nidvember release:

-Tyranids are after Space Marines
-Look for them before the end of the year

New Minis:
Tyranid Prime (finecast)
Harpy. Roughly size of the heldrake. Pretty much looks like the picture in prior codex.
Doom of Malantai (clamshell package)
Parasite of Mordrax (clamshell package)
Termagant sprues recut for more options (some chatter says Genestealers)
Mycetic Spore
New "Big Bug" kit (Because every army needs one!)

New Rules: 
Pyrovore gains Torrent and a steep points reduction.
Hiveguard gain Skyfire

So, my initial impression is that this was a big wish-list. The Space Marine release looks to be much bigger than previous 6th Ed releases, but I find it hard to believe every model in the current dex will get a model, as well as some new models and re-casts. I think the one wish-list item that was left off was a reboxing/combination of some kits like Warriors with Shrikes and/or Raveners, Biovores and Pyrovores in plastic, etc. 

I do somewhat believe the "New Big Bug" rumor, just because of the Eldar and Tau releases, but my concern is that it will do to the Trygon what the Trygon did to the Carnifex (with the help of overpricing). 

As far as rules rumors go, the Pyrovore changes seem like the obvious fixes to make it somewhat viable. The only problem then becomes that it is competing for a very crowded Elites slot. If the Hive Guard rumor is true, I would like to see them moved to Heavy Support for one, and two, I could see them then checking in with a 50% increase in points or more. 

Some unmentioned rules updates I would like to see or could imagine happening are:

  • Carnifexes getting a significant reduction in points - at a base level it should check in at or below a Wraithlord (120pts). Short of that, it would need a bump in T and maybe It Will Not Die or something because it's just not tough enough as it is.
  • Ymgarls going the way of the Dodo, or being an upgrade for standard 'Stealers. I could see it being a Pathfinder-like upgrade, either just in points or unlockable with a Broodlord-type HQ choice.
  • A reduction in points for hormagaunts; maybe not base points, but definitely for upgrades. 
  • Tervigons getting nefed. I don't exactly want this to happen, but I can't imagine they stay the same. Either a bump in points or a decline of abilities. I could see either a limit on spawning or being stuck at mastery level 1 with a single random spell being significant and plausible. 
  • Viable AA. Hive Guard getting AA is one solution. The other is switching up the load outs for harpies/creating a new variant that can take down flyers that will check in around the same price as flyers (not double the price like flyrants). A third option that I would love is a fluffy option like Mycetic Spores getting a Terror From the Deep equivalent on flyers or Gargoyles getting some sort of suicide strike coming out of or going into reserves/deep strike.
  • Devourers back to S3. It would suck, but the gant gun options seem to see-saw in power with each release, and I could see the devourer getting nerfed at least a little while Spine fists or something else get buffed.
I'm sure many 'Nid players could go on for a while both with wishlists and expected changes, both nerfs and boons. I know there are entire threads on forums devoted to the topic. That said, what are your thoughts on the rumors and what do you expect from new bugs?