Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Warmaster Forum and Tiny Mawloc Update

I wanted to take a quick opportunity to plug a 40k forum started by Fritz a few months ago: While the community is fairly small at the moment, I've really been enjoying the discussion in both Army Specific, General, and Hobby sections of the forum.

Also,. there are some pretty good giveaways and contests each month, which is pretty awesome as well. So check it out.
On to our regularly scheduled programming, I only have an extremely small update from last night's painting.

I repainted all the "skin" areas black, covering up the primer which was oddly grey. I used some drying retarder to keep from having to replenish my palette several times, but the black seemed to be drying shiny. I'm hoping that it was just remaining wet longer and would lose the sheen eventually. Otherwise I'll have to put some matte varnish down before moving on to the next coat, which I held off on. I am a bit on the fence about how much teal to add to this model - whether to keep it nearly black or to make him lighter and more green.

While waiting on the black to dry, I went ahead and painted the teeth. These are simply three layers of increasingly pale brown/tan.

With those done all that is left is the "skin" highlights, which will be 2 or 3 layers of jade green, in varying mixes from with black to with white.

Today is +Chandler D's birthday, so we'll be going out to celebrate, leaving painting time in question. I hope to have the model itself done by this weekend, though I'm not sure if the Marine victim will be ready by then. I debated airbrushing him, but I think going with tried and true methods right now might be better. I am looking forward to getting him done and trying out OSL painting on him. More to come!