Friday, September 5, 2014

White Dwarf 32: More Undeath

This week's White Dwarf features a couple more of the absolutely brilliant Undead/End Times/Nagash models. This time it's Morghast Archai and Morghast Harbingers.

The main difference between the two brilliant kits is that the Archai have heavy armor plating while the Harbingers do not. Regardless, both are beautiful kits. They're also joined by a new Spirit Host kit, which shares the floating spectres common on Nagash and the Morghasts. To accompany the Fantasy kits are two Horus Heresy novels and some Forgeworld Salamanders.

After the releases, Robin Cruddace replaces Jervis with some new scenarios for 40k, adapting the Tactical Objectives and allowing players to elevate some Objectives over some. Players pick a type (Take & Hold or Purge for example) and get an extra point for accomplishing those, but lose a point if they discard one of that type.

Next is a section called the War Diary, which tracks some people's progress for Armies on Parade. The 'Eavy Metal team then shows off a couple models.

This week there's a Battle Report between Nagash's Undead Host facing off against a Empire force. They show off four Morghasts towering over some flagellants and Empire Spearmen. Just plain impressive.

Next are several Paint Splatter features for various types of Spirits and Skeletons, followed by a design segment about the Morghasts.

The issue ends with the normal selection of various bits of the week and whatnot.