Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm a Hierodule! Rough WIP update.

Hey everyone, BeeCee here.

Renegade Open GT prep has begun and I am working on the Barbed Hierodule I am taking as the centerpiece to my army.

I have a long ways to go!
I wanted to share a few rough WIP pictures to show progress and get feedback. Firstly, this is the first gargantuan creature I have ever painted and I wanted to really try to take things to another level.

First let's look at the biocannon arms. I wanted to keep with the traditional Leviathan scheme with Khorne Red based guns, the traditional white/purple/black skin and carapace scheme.

Trying out a few different schemes on the gun.
I really wanted it to look like perhaps at one time, the Hierodule was actually holding the gun but now the hive mind has evolved it to grow it's hand around the gun. That is the look i am going for with the white tendons off the fingers.

Now let's talk about the skin. If you've seen any of my other Leviathan nids, the skin is very white. That was partly due to time constraints getting an army painted before a tourney while managing real life responsibilities. I am trying to add that second layer of depth with the Hierodule's skin. I added a screaming skull element to it.

Still very much WIP, but not just purple and white.
The Hierodule model has so much detail and depth to it that I figured now was the time to learn/try something new. The tendons/skin that seems to originate under the first layer of skin I painted Screaming Skull. I am in the process of going over it with some really thinned skull white to pull it in line with the white but still add a level of depth. almost like it is "new" skin.

Some more WIP tail skin.
Obviously, I have a long ways to go and these are very rough WIP pictures. I am really interested in feedback and insights on this guy. I can't wait to get him on the table as a centerpiece for my Renegade Tyranid army!