Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Iron Wolf Rides

With Wolves always on the mind, I have been thinking of some fun themed lists that will bring Logan Grimnar into play riding atop his mighty sleigh. It starts with the Great Company of Egil Iron Wolf, and ends in a crazy amount of high armor, angry Wolves looking for Blood.

This is a list that I have started thinking about because of the fact I have some Land Raiders, I want to play Logan in a List where his sled can ride free, and something that would be fun at any event, even in a loss.

So let the Iron Wolf Ride!
To start, I am using Space Wolves with the Champions of Fenris Detachment. Logan on his sled is the first man through.

Next on the list is the Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf. According to the lore, he is said to be more "machine than man." With this in mind, I am going to have him riding in a Land Raider armed with Melta Bombs, a Frost Sword, and Runic Armour just in case he has to fight. Not only that, but he would have some of his most loyal wolf guard there to back him up, so a group would be in his Land Raider, while another group with Terminator armour would be in another Land Raider.

All of a sudden I have two AV 14 gun platforms with Logan's chariot of doom. Then it hit me, I need some anti air defense. I kind of have it with the mighty twin-linked Lascannons, but I need something more reliable, once it is on the field. So why not throw in some Blood Claws Riding in their Storm Wolf (more twin linked Las, more Heavy Bolters, and MORE Hellfrost). Now I am looking decent.

I decided to fill out the rest of the army with some fluffy stuff. First was an Iron Priest to ride around in Egil's ride providing some needed support, and the second part was a mighty Predator with twin linked Lascannon and Lascannon sponsons.

Here is the Actual List:

Lord of War
  • Logan Grimnar with Stormrider (Warlord)
  • Wolf Lord - Runic Armour, Melta Bombs, Frost Sword, Bolt Pistol
  • Iron Priest
  • Wolf Guard Terminators - Power Sword / Storm Bolter, Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield (X2), Pair of Wolf Claws, Assault Cannon / Power Sword, Land Raider
  • Wolf Guard - 6 Strong, (3X Combi Flamers, 3X Combi Plasma / 6X Chainsword)
  • Blood Claws - 5X, Storm Wolf
Heavy Support
  • Predator - 2X Lascannons, Twin-linked Lascannon
Total Points - 1848

This is a list with a lot of tough armour that is going to take a lot to get through. Along with the fact that it has a lot of twin-linked goodness, it is going to take on some armour, high toughness targets, and hopefully get the job done. The tactic is to keep good fire lines and move forward with support from the two Raiders covering Logan, the Predator covering or going after specific targets, and the Storm Wolf coming on to take care of any air threats left.

This is a solid Theme list that I think highlights some of what makes the Space Wolves so cool. They look to each Company as being an independent unit, but they all have the ability to bring the noise and each have a specialty. Like the Iron Wolf having and fielding the biggest, baddest tanks the Space Wolves have to offer.

So What do we think?  I feel this would be a fun list, but I love input.