Monday, November 14, 2016

Warzone Atlanta 2016 Pic Dump

I got back from Atlanta about 12 hours ago, as of writing this post, and have slept for maybe two hours, so, for today at least, I'm just posting up a pic-dump from the event, primarily of the armies on their display boards as I never finished a round all that early (as could be expected playing a swarm list). I'll do a wrap up with thoughts and the like, but for now will just say it was a blast and I hope you enjoy the mostly unedited influx of pictures (I'll resize and Caption as I get a chance, so check back!):

Geoff's gorgeous Blood Angels army

Close up of one of Geoff's Awesome Dreads

... and Sanguinary Guard...

And Dante!

BAMF Libby Dread

If you can't tell, I was awed by Geoff's army

Calm before the storm...

My army all set up and ready to rumble

Chandler's army of armor

Super Tuna spotted

Zeke's army and display - the webway was a moving image, and there was audio too!

I just love this WK, even if he has a habit of stomping on my minis.

Noticing a trend...

Russell's awesome Harlequin/Eldar army

Renegades ahoy!

There were so many awesome armies I managed not to get a closer look at the BEST PAINTED army!

Even more fish...

Adam's gorgeous Eldar


Hey! More bugs!

Crondar? I can dig it

Hmmm... that looks familiar

Kinda love this - Alpha legion ftw, no one knows what they are.

More Bugs! Pretty sure there were only three of us.

Steve's awesome conversion work

And the rest of Steve's awesome army

I like that it's labeled

Darryl's KDK Armored might

My bugs again
This starts the end of day "Armies on Parade" segment, so there will definitely be some repeats.

John Jourden's Amazing Renegade army on display

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