Friday, November 4, 2016

The Swarm Arises - Warzone Atlanta Prep

Yo, this is Ronaldo, the greatest Tyranid Player in the history of mankind. If you don’t know you will soon.

For this, my first post, I wanted to go through the list I’m going to be taking to Warzone Atlanta, and why it’s just flat out awesome. I mean, obviously, because it’s Nids.

I know a lot of people complain that the Nid codex is bad, or it’s underpowered, or whatever. It’s all crap. They’re pretty clearly just not seeing all the great stuff Games Workshop has given us Nid players that we can use to totally dominate the galaxy.
For my list, I’m going to bring two Combined Arms Detachments, and nothing else. Formations might have some cool tricks but got to go BRB all the way - Objective Secured is OP! Particularly when you’re bringing it with the Troops like Nids can.

To start out, I need my HQs. It’s expected that most Nid lists in a tournament are just going to be Flyrants left and right. They’re definitely good, I won’t dispute that, but they’re not the full strength of the list. I’m bringing three of them, but that’s a trap - people expect the flyrants in the list and are going to key on them, even though they’re not why this list will dominate.

Moving on to the meat of the list, you got to look at the strength of the Tyranid book, and that’s in Troops. You heard me. In each CAD I’m stocking up on the swarm with two full units of Termagants and their mommas. Yuup, two Tervigons! Cheesy I know, but with those ladies in my backfield I’ve just about got this thing sown up.

To go with that core, I’ve also snuck in two units of Hormagaunts. These dudes are sneaky fast and will rip some backfield troops up! I5? 2A base? Yes please!

To round out the rest of the list, I’m keying on the Elites section. Got to have a Stinkbug and a Brainbug. Stinkbug dishing out shrouded to my 60 termagants is just going to be a nightmare for my opponents. The Brainbug is awesome because he brings the brain power. Automatic Warp Blast to crack open some armor for all my little guys to eat the gooey insides.

Normally, I’m not a fan of ForgeWorld, I mean, the Codex is strong enough and doesn’t need the help. But this is a no holds barred event, so I’m going to add even more cheese with a Boss stinkbug and a Dimachaeron.

Dima-what? Yeah, Dimachaeron. This dude eats anything for breakfast. And I mean anything. Just buckets of attacks that are high strength, with plenty of Instant Death options. Look out sucka, the Dima’s coming for you! Also, he’s got a sick attack where he can eat somebody and get 4+ Feel No Pain for practically the rest of the game. Sick.

With that list, the battleplan just writes itself. My bugs will drop on the board and do what they do - consume all!

Check back in a couple weeks for a summary of how the bugs fared (spoiler - five worlds consumed for the hive mind) at the main event down in ATL.

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