Monday, September 12, 2016

NOVA 2016 Recap Part 1 - Pic Dump

A bit behind my normal schedule, but finally time to begin the NOVA Recaps. As always, I had a total blast at the event, and might have had more fun this year than in previous years. For this first post I'm just going to do a bit of a pic-dump of many of my favorite photos from the weekend.

A selection of Greg's DreadMob
Steve Gant's Corsairs and Eldar army

One of Greg's Renegade Knights

Ork Renegade Knight #2

Sascha's Invitational Army - Slaanesh Incursion

More of Sascha's Slaanesh Incursion

Invitational Round 1: Dallas vs. Frank

Invitational Round 1: All of the dogs...

Invitational Round 1: Ron vs. Justin Curtis

Invitational Round 1: Jared vs Mark

Invitational Round 1: Carlos vs Parsons
NOCF Raffle Army

A Wild Harridan was spotted1

Invitational Round 2: Tyler vs Aidan

Invitational Round 2: Sascha vs. Brett Perkins

Some Trios action

40k GT Round 1

40k GT Round 1

40k GT Round 1

Most of the army I ran in the GT

Chris Bimbo's army - my Round 3 opponent

Diogo Pita's Barkstar

Justin Cox's Necrons

Ricky Addington's Knights

Brett Perkins's Renegades and Daemons

A Warlord Titan!

30k Army - Custodes!

Ron's amalgamation of an army

Overhead shot of the Hemlocks

Mike Taylor's Team Twighlight


And now some pics from the top painted armies during secondary detail judging on Sunday:

Jame's War Convocation

Always love seeing dedication like this - awesome Praetorian Guard Army

Sascha's Renaissance Man army

That's it for the photos. Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of Jeremy Dobbins's Best Painted army to share. Stay tuned for Part 2, breaking down some stats, and beyond in my slightly belated NOVA Recap.

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