Thursday, August 25, 2016

NOVA Bound: The Final Push

Amazing how time flies; NOVA is less than a week away at this point (more exact time in the side-bar counter), and I still have a good bit to do (to the surprise of no one). I've got a couple projects I need to finish up before I head out the door to NOVA, and some more I will probably be working on in the hotel room.

First off, I've been working on a commission of two Tau Start Collecting! boxes. I hoped to have them done earlier this week, and they have to be done before I move on to a couple other things that must be done before NOVA. As such, they'll be done this week, even if I give up sleep. 

The scheme is a nice blue, with black/gray accents and bronze weaponry. They're getting close to done (outside the Ethereals, who will have reddish skin) and I'm pretty happy with them.

For NOVA itself I have a few outstanding needs for myself and a commission for NOVA itself of mostly Daemon summons. For myself, I need to paint up two mucolids; it astounds me that I have yet to finish a mucolid given they're basically an obligatory troop choice at this point. I also should add some identifying markings on my Night Scythes if I can. For the daemons, most will only need 3-color basics, but do need some complete:
  • Complete:
    • 6 Nurgling bases
  • 3-Color: 
    • 10 Pink Horrors (assembled)
    • Herald of Nurgle
    • 10 Plaguebearers
    • 3 Plague Drones
    • 10 Bloodletters (assembled)
Additionally, I am participating in the Malifaux Enforcer's Brawl Friday night, and was hoping to bring Gracie, but she is a far cry from complete, so I would like to paint her as well. That said, I can bring other enforcers if need be who are painted. Overall it's not a terrible to-do list, but definitely feeling the crunch with only three or so painting days remaining. 

For anyone going to NOVA, definitely find me at the event and say hi. I'll be in the 40k hall primarily, and probably spending some time in the Charity Lounge in Suite 1850. It's always a blast so I'm looking forward to it. 

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