Friday, December 11, 2015

Bat Rep: Twilight Fight - 1,500 Points - Blood Angels vs. Space Wolves

A couple weekends ago, Chandler and I got in our casual "Twilight Fight, Team Jacob vs. Team Edward" Game. Chandler brought some hard punching Space Wolves to counter my hodgepodge Flesh Tearers posing as Blood Angels. We set up the board to show off a bit our new G-Mat from, which inspired the narrative element of our game as well.

Having put down the chaos cult that had claimed a remote planet on the fringes of the Eye of Terror, the small Blood Angels and Space Wolf strike forces began to question the loyalty and source of strength of their so-called allies. What likely started as some comments about the smell of wet fur or someone needing to get a tan, soon escalated into open blows, all while the Gods of the Maelstrom looked on, pleased.

We chose to play a Maelstrom game, rolling up Cloak and Shadows, meaning each of us would have three secret tactical objectives at all times.

Chandler won the roll for deployment and chose to go first, largely spread across his line. What I didn't capture in the photo is that a unit of Grey Hunters and Canis Wolfborne and his Fenrisian Wolves were both hiding behind that ruin in the back.

I deployed mostly along my line, weighted to the left a bit, not having appreciated Canis and the Grey Hunters. I opted to not attempt to seize. Chandler moved and ran, and that was about it. I moved up as well, and after several Melta, Inferno, and Krak Missiles, I managed a wound or two on Herald and one of his companions. I then failed the 7" charge with about a 3.

Chandler moved up again, and had his Void Claws drop behind my lines. Krak missiles whiffed on my land speeder, but it jinked just in case. He then pulled two multi charges; one on both Rhinos with Canis, and the other with Herald and the thunderwolf cavalry into my terminators and tactical marines. Canis handily destroyed one Rhino, and the wolves managed two hull points on the other. The Thunderwolves killed off the tactical squad and a couple terminators, who managed to wound Herald in return.

In my turn the Captain and his squad turned around and went after the Void Claws. The land speeder ran away in the hopes of jumping on a back-field objective in a later turn. In shooting, I was able to wipe out the Fenrisian wolves, preventing them from swinging again at my stunned Rhino. I was able to charge with an assault squad into the Thunderhammer terminators, and my Tactical squad and captain into the Void Claws. The tactical squad members were cut down in short order, but the captain issued a challenge and took the void claw leader down with his relic sword, standing firm. The Assault Marine captain issued a challenge and was promptly pasted, along with the rest of his squad, while the Terminator Sergeant issued a challenge, resulting in himself getting pasted by the Thunderwolf sergeant. All of that for a couple Maelstrom points!

In turn 3, Canis Wolfborne moved up to take on the Melta devastator squad, while the Terminators peeled off for the Land Speeder (I had hoped one assault marine would live to tie them down). The Blood Claws and Lukas moved up but failed their charge. Canis did not and slaughtered the Devastator squad. My captain held firm and cut down more void claws, passing his 4++ like a boss. Finally, the thunderwolves broke out of combat, killing the last of my terminators.

As my turn began, I tried to sort our if I could tank shock the Thunderwolf Cavalry that broke out and were sitting between three of my tanks. In the end, because of their base size, I wasn't going to be able to crunch even one of the bases, so ended up not going for it, instead moving the Rhino to claim a maelstrom point, while the Heavy Bolter Razorback went for another. In shooting I managed to kill one Thunderwolf cavalry member, finally, and also picked off some Blood Claws before the tactical squad and Lemartes jumped in. The tactical sergeant and Lukas duked it out and killed each other, and the tactical marines were wiped out for a few casualties in return. Lemartes also took a wound, which just made him angrier. In combat with the Void Claws, the Captain cut down all but one remaining Terminator, again, holding on with a single wound remaining.

In Chandler's turn, Herald Deathwolf broke off and went after the Lasback while the Thunderwolves and Canis made a beeline for my Captain to help out the beleaguered Void Claw. The terminators meanwhile moseyed over to the Razorback near them and blew it up without issue. Herald Deathwolf charged the other razorback and blew it up, managing to kill himself in the process. In combat, my Captain finally died, and Lemartes was similarly cut down.

I was running low on models, but managed to take down Canis Wolfborn with a pair of Krak missiles. My remaining Rhino scooted over to take a point, but that was it. Chandler then promptly destroyed it in the following turn.

The remaining turns were Chandler picking off my Devastators on the wall, finally crushing them with a Thunderwolf charge on Turn 7.

Despite the tabling, we still tallied up the points, seeing a 4 point Space Wolf Victory. Had it ended on turn 5 I may have pulled out the win, but with two more turns of scoring progressive objectives, Chandler took a 2-point lead there as well as getting Linebreaker and having secured First Blood, granting him the final 4-point lead. 

In the end, it was a fun game, though I felt severely outclassed in terms of mobility and punchiness. I have some plans to rectify that though for a rematch:

Adding a couple power-fists to the Death Company will help tackle some Terminators, and S10 Dreadnought attacks will look to munch some thunderwolves... maybe.
That said, I also have a fun Tyranid list I want to try out, so that might come before our Twilight Fight rematch. Keep an eye out for that list here soon. 

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