Tuesday, January 6, 2015

FTGT Hobby Challenge Check-in

With the start of the new year, it's also the end of the first month of the FTGT Hobby Challenge. As I said last month, my planned challenge for December was a box of  Fire Warriors and a Devilfish, coming in just under the budget. I'll admit, with the holidays and being out of town, I ran a couple days over. But without further ado, my December contributions to my new Tau army:


To go with the 12 Firewarriors and Devilfish, I also painted the four drones that came with both of those kits.

I debated back and forth on what to add for January, between a box of Crisis Suits and a Riptide. For now I am leaning toward the single Riptide, in part because I want to convert my Crisis Suits and I'm not sure I'll have time this month.

One thing that is limiting my time is that I also want to be working on my Tyranids for the Forge The Narrative Seasonal at the end of February. If you're around, definitely join us in Durham and say hi and roll some dice.